Friday, December 14, 2018

I Went...SIRIUS...All The Way Home

(a short jaunt)

"Don’t Bogart That Joint" (live) - Little Feat / "Waiting for Columbus" (1978)

This song is over and done before anyone could even begin to accuse someone of hogging the doobie.  In a little over a minute, Little Feat reminds everyone how much fun they're having.  Happy driving.  Many consider "WFC" one of the best live albums ever recorded.

"Revelation" - Fleetwood Mac / "Penguin" (1973)

My appreciation of Bob Welch during his Fleetwood Mac period has grown in leaps and bounds.  Love this song.  Bob's guitar work is diamond and I've always been a sucker for the way Bob's floaty vocals add haunting mystery to some of the songs.  Plus John McVie's driving bass on this jam is just killer.  Btw...the penguin has been Fleetwood Mac's mascot since the early days when John and Christine were just lovebirds living near the London Zoo.

"The Pause of Mr. Claus" (live) - Arlo Guthrie - "Arlo" (1968)

Okay, they snuck another xmas song in on my drive home.  The song is short and cute and I like the young Arlo vocals on this. It's what any respectable folkie would sing about.

"Good Old Rock‘n’Roll" - Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys / "The Street Giveth...and the Street Taketh Away" (1969)

This is a rock and roll medley that became a top-40 hit for the Cat Mothers.  It's good for what it is, but that medley trick has been done a bazillion times in a bazillion bars ad nauseam.  I dig hearing shit like this live, but it's kinda 'meh' on the radio.  A nice cool factor though is that the album was produced by Jimi Hendrix.


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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