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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."37 Minutes Of Group Therapy" (1969)

"37 Minutes Of..." - Group Therapy (1969)

There isn't a whole lot out there about this 60s band that hails from New York.  Over at Discogs, they pin down Group Therapy as being psych rock...and there is a bit of trippage goin' on.  I read somewhere they sounded like a poor man's Vanilla Fudge...and they do, sort of, lean in that general direction.  But they're not as sludgy...or trippy.  A few songs do fuzz it up, but not nearly enough. It would have been nice to hear the band really light it up.

Their label gave Group Therapy a nice gatefold unipak for their sophomore effort though, and I'm a sucker for gatefold albums. The copy I found appears to have been well-taken care of as the unipak has not come unglued yet.  For those who might not be aware, a gatefold with a unipak sleeve means you have to first open your gatefold in order to access the record.  The idea was to protect the record from accidentally sliding out...and not a bad idea in theory.  Unfortunately, the unipak is notorious for separating from the gatefold and getting beat up.  Whaddyagonnado?
Look, "37 Minutes Of..." isn't anything special, by any means, but Group Therapy does offer a few songs that are fun and salvages the wax.  Sometimes just finding something unusual or seldom-seen in the wild is its own reward.
(LKF...the Beach Boys gem...“Sail On, Sailor"...was co-written by lead singer, Ray Kennedy and that's a pretty cool feather.)

"37 Minutes Of..." (back)

"37 Minutes Of..." (inside gatefold)

Philips label

"Wait" - Group Therapy / "37 Minutes Of..." (1969)

A1  "Remember What You Said" 3:05
A2  "Wait" 6:07
A3  "River Deep, Mountain High" 4:43
A4  "A Very Happy Day" 3:21
A5  "I Got to Live" 2:40

B1  "Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby" 2:59
B2  "I Must Go" 4:00
B3  "Cheer Up Baby" 2:09
B4  "Willie" 2:57
B5  "I Can't Believe It" 3:48

Ray Kennedy - vocals 
Art Del Gudico - guitar, bass, vocals 
Jerry (The Kid) Guida - organ, keyboards 
Tommy Burns - drums, vocals,  
Michael Lamont - drums, percussion

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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