Monday, December 17, 2018

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Kinks Kontraband" (1988)

"Kinks Kontraband" - The Kinks (1988)

I picked this up back in November from a private record flipper I affectionately refer to as..."The Garageman."  This is an unofficial Kinks release.  A bootleg mix of  BBC live recordings and outtakes.  Side One is definitely the stronger.  It's filled with 9 early live BBC recordings and a demo.  Yes, their two early biggies are on here, but it's the lesser known that really ices the cake.  One is the never studio recorded song by the band..."This Strange Effect."  It has a haunting, floaty vibe that dances on trippy and is just killer.  Side Two opens with a tasty garage-fuzz outtake of..."Time Will Tell."  There is also a rare live track from the Preservation period..."Slum Kids"...and is a nice rescue.  The album's last three songs are later stuff, and I like them, but I just didn't hear much difference in the outtakes.  I'll leave that to true Kinks aficionados to discuss.

If you're curious, it being bootleg and all, the vinyl recordings sound great.  This is a Canadian press on Reprieve.  (Not Reprise.)  The label has a man strapped into an electric chair with the guard's hand near the switch.  Very kool!  I don't know how many were pressed, but this is a  pretty hard one to find.

"Kinks Kontraband" (back)

Reprieve label

"This Strange Effect" (BBC Sessions) - The Kinks / "Kinks Kontraband" (1988)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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