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Horse Head Dig and Flip: Justice League Of America Archives - Volume 1

Graphic Novel Find
"Justice League Of America Archives - Volume 1"

(Last fall, I stumbled upon a good-sized box filled with a variety of graphic novels at an estate sale. No official count yet, as I'm just pulling from the box when I find time to read one.  Afterward, I'll post the book and go from there.)

"Justice League Of America Archives - Volume 1"
by Gardner F. Fox --  Mike Sekowsky (Illustrator)
1992 by DC COMICS 
256 pages 
Includes: The Brave and the Bold  #28-30 and
Justice League of America  #1–6.

This beautiful hardbound archive collection is all about nostalgia.  A time when friendship and teamwork were all that mattered.  A time of innocence. A time of confidences.

JLA is made up of seven superheroes that team up to combat a "dangerous" giant starfish (I'm serious) determined to take over the Earth.   The superheroes include Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter (who I was not familiar with at all) Wonder Woman and the two big cajones...Batman and Superman.  Also very cool is the JLA hold an election later to include Green Arrow.  Corny, but cool.

"Justice League Of America Archives Vol 1"
 (book jacket removed)

"Justice League Of America Archives Vol 1" 

Comic books from this era were generally pretty whack anyway and these are no exception.  Aliens from other worlds or crazy scientists from our own challenge the JLA in one ridiculous plot after another.  It's all silly fun and charming in its way.  As I said, this is all about the bass.  No treble.  To be honest, it's the camaraderie of our heroes that make us feel good.  And when I'd finally put the book away, I imagined an 11-year old boy...surely 70 by now...under his blanket, flashlight in hand, turning pages and saving the world.

"Old Friends-Bookends" - Simon & Garfunkel / "The Concert in Central Park" (1981)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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