Monday, November 23, 2009

Lost Gem: "You Won't Change Me" - Black Sabbath

"Still I wonder what it'slike to be loved...
Instead of hiding in myself.

~ Black Sabbath ~

"Technical Ecstasy" (1976) was Black Sabbath's seventh album. And one that is too often dismissed.

If not for two stinkers in the mix...this Sabbath offering would be must own. But what is left is simply wicked Iommi guitar burns that beg repeated listens.

"You Won't Change Me" catches one of Ozzy's best vocals...ever...with awesome Tony Iommi laying down one of several great solos. Terribly underrated.

Have you heard this one?

I'm just a man and I am what I am, yeah
Nobody will ever change my ways
I don't need money and I
Don't need no lies, yeah
I only need to live for today
But I'd like to talk things
Over with you
I want to hear the things
That you say today
Although you won't change me
Anyway. Oh, no way.

I wish you'd come and see me
I'd like to hold you
I want to set my mind all free
You understand me, woman
You give me time, yeah
But I don't need no sympathy
Still I wonder what it's
Like to be loved
Instead of hiding in myself
Nobody will change me anyway, no, no way.

Nobody's gonna change my world
That's something too unreal
Nobody will change the way I feel

So listen to me now, hear
what I say, yeah
Please, give me time and maybe love
If there's a God up there,well
I hope he helps me
I need him now to set me free
'cause it maybe that it's over for me
If you don't hear the things
That I say today
Nobody will change me
Anyway, no, no way.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers



Anonymous said...

ya this black sabbath album is some good stuff

Anonymous said...

ya this black sabbath album is some good stuff