Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost Gem: "Cadence And Cascade" - King Crimson

"Sad paper courtesan.They knew him just a man."
~ King Crimson ~

King Crimson's second album..."In The Wake Of Poseidon" (1970)...was initially met with disappointment by many fans/critics.

But listening to this album with fresh ears...nearly forty years after its release...I find it inspiring and a great follow-up.

Plus the music holds my interest all the way through...something King Crimson's classic debut never quite does.

Lots of tasty ear candy float from the speakers. Flutes...mellotron...sax...piano...and wonderful Robert Fripp guitar. And the variety of drum strikes (courtesy of Michael Giles) are wicked nice. Great prog.

"Cadence And Cascade" is a gentle and beautiful ballad that never fails to calm. Dig the soothing...whimsical... flute of Mel Collins.

Have you heard this one?

Cadence and Cascade
Kept a man named Jade;
Cool in the shade
While his audience played.
Purred, whispered, Spend us too:
We only serve for you.

Sliding mystified
On the wine of the tide
Stared pale-eyed
As his veil fell aside.
Sad paper courtesan
They found him just a man.

Caravan hotel
Where the sequin spell fell
Custom of the game.
Cadence oiled in love
Licked his velvet gloved hand
Cascade kissed his name.

Sad paper courtesan
They knew him just a man.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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