Monday, November 9, 2009

Lost Gem: "Open Up The Door" - Head East

"A reason to carry on...
is the feelin' when the music's done."
-->Head East<--

Head East's self-titled album (1978) was the band's fourth studio release and is often referred to as the..."Road Sign" album.

Led by underrated vocalist...John Schlitt, this Midwest band churned out no-frills...straight ahead rock.

Head East never quite achieved monster status...but they did earn a reputation for hitting the stage if every show might be their last. Definitely a workingman's band.

"Open Up The Door" a great feel-good rocker to start your day. Incredible vocals surrounded by Mike Somerville's guitar spank and teasing keyboard from Roger Boyd.

Seeing these RnR cartographers tear up this firebox would be slice.

Have you heard this one?

We started out a long time ago
We didn't know what to do
Knockin' our romances, we took the chances
That a lot of us do
Well, we've seen strange places
We fell on our faces
It was all on the line
Cause we believed in what we were
And we know that we would see it in time

A reason to carry on
Is the feelin' when the music's done
Maybe we'll take someone's whole life
(And) turn their head around
Open up the door

Listen to me you've got to help me
I can't help myself
It's been a long long time
Wish it were mine
I can't help myself
I've been searchin' everywhere
Lookin' here and there
And I finally see
It may take forever and it never
But will you listen to me

Good stuff!


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