Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost Gem: "Black Licorice" - Grand Funk

"She's got evil in her eyes...
and catnip is her taste."
~ Grand Funk ~

In 1973, Grand Funk dropped...Railroad...from their name and released..."We're An American Band".

It was hugely successful...with the title track becoming a prideful rock anthem heard regularly on every classic rock station across the country.

But among a couple of lost gems from this the oft-forgot..."Black Licorice".

"Black Licorice" is awesome highway driving fuel filled with wicked grinding keyboard (courtesy of newly added member...Craig Frost). And excellent trademark Mel Schacher bass clearing the roads.

And finally...Mark Farner's vocals is surprisingly burning ice!

Have you heard this one?

Whooo ... wheee!
You there, comin' up the stair, the feelin' is ice-blue cold.
Shake, it's more than I can take, I'm startin' to lose control.
Watch out, what's that noise, there's somebody at the door.
It must be black licorice, she come back to make me cry some more.

Time, ain't on my side, I'm losin' it more each day.
She's got evil in her eyes, and catnip is her taste.
She wraps me up in her slender legs, her hot black skin to mine.

Ple ... ple ...please, don't touch me, oh, I know I'm dead this time.

Oh, oh, yeah ... licorice, yeah, black licorice.
Licorice, licorice.
Licorice, yeah, black licorice.
Licorice, licorice.
Licorice, black licorice.
Licorice, licorice.
Licorice, yeah, black licorice.

Good Stuff!


Reinaldo said...

I´m Brazilian, and I´d like to know what is sung on the backing vocals of Black Licorice. I think it´s not "licorice, licorice", but "she´s got something". Don´t you think? Do you know what it is? Thanks

Reinaldo do Nascimento - São Paulo - Brazil

Casey said...

Reinaldo...thanks for dropping by.
I cranked it and listened real close...and believe the song does just repeat...'licorice black licorice'.

But maybe a live version catches them saying something else.

I've been caught singing what I thought were the words to a song...and didn't find out the real words til the old way was to far ingrained into my head to change.

be sure and drop in again!