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200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 16

"Tell the truth. Sing with passion.
Work with laughter. Love with heart.
'Cause that's all that matters in the end.

~ Kris Kristofferson

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 16 - Let's Begin...

50:-->Deep Purple ------- "What's Going On Here" (4:56) --------Burn (1974)
"Roll me over slowly, I've been drinkin' all night.
Help me make a move, I can't stand the light."

Enter David Coverdale. This little known singer (at the time) seemed to light a fire under Blackmore and the rest. Obviously having some bar-bangin' fun on this number.

49:-->Lynyrd Skynyrd --"Preacher's Daughter" (3:40) --Skynyrd's First And... (1978)
"And I'm talkin' about the preacher's daughter.
Doin' what she hadn't oughta.
Gettin' on down
with every stud in town."
A compilation of their early unreleased tracks, I know...but it's really good stuff and easily foretold of greater things to come. "Preacher's Daughter" has that awesome Van Zandt swagger that kills. And the boys in the band are right there with him.

48:-->Rick Derringer ------"Jump, Jump, Jump" (6:02) --------All-American Boy (1973)
"I wonder is anybody here...
Or is this my private dream.
I'm gonna pitch myself to sea
'Cause it's such a scary, scary, scary dream."

Awesome closing tune. Six minutes of delicate cool guitar from this underrated axeman...riding just underneath a cry for help.

47:-->Rolling Stones ---------"Hand Of Fate" (4:28) -------Black and Blue (1976)
"The wind blew hard, it was stormy night.
He shot me once, but I shot him twice."

Solid Stones rocker. Would have fit nicely on "Exile...". One of their best from the '70s.

46:-->John Mellencamp ----"A Little Night Dancing" (3:43) ----John Cougar (1979)
"Sodom and Gomorrah...
they run the roadhouse."
Guilty pleasure, maybe...but I find myself returning to this CD often. Great opening number with a rockin'-loose Americana sound.

45:-->Rory Gallagher ---"Out On A Western Plain" (3:53) ----Against The Grain (1975)
"What was the greatest battle ever on the Western Plain?
When me and a bunch of cowboys rode into Jesse James."

Easy going vocals and acoustic spank make you want to saddle up the horses and leave some dust. Rory makes it look easy.

44:-->Bob Dylan ---------------"Isis" (6:58) -----------------Desire (1976)
"A man in the corner approached me for a match.
I knew right away he was not ordinary.
He said "Are you looking for something easy to catch ?"
I said "I got no money". He said "That ain't necessary".
Piano intro and sneaky gypsy violin is cream. The rhythm of words are hypnotic and classic Dylan.

43:-->Fabulous Poodles ------"Roll Your Own" (2:44) -------Mirror Star (1978)
"The first time you try it
you're gonna cuss and shout.
'Cause the paper keeps tearing.
The stuff keeps falling out."
Imagine Buddy Holly and early Who and you have a catchy tongue-in-cheek barroom banquet.

42:-->Traffic --- "Rock and Roll Stew" (4:18) ---Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (1971)
"Sitting near a suit who's a red-neck going,
Eyes are moving but there's no life showing."

Infectious rock groove with drummer Jim Capaldi delivering terrific vocals. And lots of guitar spice sprinkled throughout. I'm gone, gone, gone.

41:-->Kris Kristofferson -"I May Smoke Too Much" (3:05) -Spooky Lady's Sideshow (1974)
"Once my future was shiny as the
seat of my pants are today."

Bring pitchers to the table every 5 minutes until I pass out. (someone once said). This was Kris's journey through...over-indulgence. Rainy shadows with the occasional glimpse of sunlight breaking.

Good stuff. be continued.

Casey Chambers

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