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200 Lost Gems and Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 14

"A nightmare...
is two bassists on stage.
Chris Squire

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 14 - Let's Begin...

70:-->Dan Fogelberg --------"As The Raven Flies" (4:30) --------Souvenirs (1974)
"I see the raven's made
her nest in your eyes.
She's got you thinking that
her love is a prize."

Double lead guitar action courtesy of Fogelberg & Joe Walsh battle from speaker to speaker. The 'Fogelmeister' has cahones after all.

69:-->Yes ---------------"Into The Lens" (8:32) -----------------Drama (1980)
"Here, by the waterside.
There, where the lens is wide."
Great bass and guitar work from Squire and Howe. And vocals from new member...Trevor Horn is nails. Lots of interesting goodies going on from this catchy epic 'mantra' of a tune.

68:-->Edgar Winter ----"Give It Everything You Got" (4:32) ----White Trash (1971)
"Here's your chance
if you want to dance.
You can sit there and groovebaby if you want to move..."

Scalding Caucasian RnR funk is a crank-it-up houseparty.
Outrageous unfettered jamming.

67:-->Poco -----------"Keep On Tryin" (2:54) ------------Head Over Heels (1975)
"I've been thinkin' 'bout
all the times you held me.
I never heard you shout.
The flow of energy was so fine."
Simple acoustic number written by a young Timothy B. Schmidt with "nail-it" harmony from Rusty Young, Paul Cotton and George Grantham. Must-own album.

66:-->Tom Waits ----------"Martha" (4:30) ---------Closing Time (1973)
"And those were the days of roses,
Poetry and prose and Martha
all I had was you and all you had was me."
Tom makes your heart literally...ache...from a perfectly captured moment of lover's regret. That late night phone call to a long time ago girlfriend. On-the-sleeve feelings are beautiful and heartbreaking. Genius.

65:-->Elvis Costello -------"Party Girl" (3:20) ---------Armed Forces (1979)
"But I have seen the hungry look in their eyes.
They'd settle for anything in disguise of love."

Costello plays his bitter/pain card with panache...while the highly underrated Attractions deal an unbeatable hand. Exceptional bass from Bruce Thomas. Very powerful.

64:-->Deep Purple -----"Child In Time" (live) (12:07) -----Made In Japan (1972)
"You'd better close your eyes and bow your head...
And wait for the ricochet."
Incredible song captured live. Gillian vocals are jaw-dropping. Blackmore is fire. And Jon Lord on Hammond organ is thrilling to hear. Add Glover and Paice on bass & drums respectively and you have yourself a toolbox. Much better than studio version.

63:-->Ramones -"I Just Want To Have Something To Do" (2:43) -Road To Ruin (1978)
"Hanging out of Second Avenue...
Eating chicken vindaloo."

Comes at ya like a Sipowicz interrogation. Deliciously loud and fun. These boys play "more than the sum...".

62:-->Little River Band --"Home On Monday" (3:07) --Diamantina Cocktail (1977)
"I was hoping to catch a glimpse
of the man from Memphis.
They told me that he had gone.
Never leaving a trace
LRB rolls sevens with this oddly sweet ballad that displays a sadness rarely captured. Hard to forget and one of their best.

61:-->Bad Company -----"Peace Of Mind" (3:22) ------Burnin' Sky (1977)
"People going nowhere
Cause their eyes are closed.
They don't know what they are lookin' for...
Cause nobody knows."

Strong soulful vocals from Rodgers on this mid-tempo gem. Nice guitar from Ralphs. Album unfairly tanked...but absolutely is a must-own.

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers

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