Saturday, February 14, 2009

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 15

"I didn't think we would
ever make enough money
to pay rent by playing music.
~ Gregg Allman

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 15 - Let's Begin...

60:-->Doobie Bros. ---"Down In The Track" (4:17) ---What Were Once Vices... (1974)
"And late at night in the twilight of the South...
They put you in a cell and let the bulldogs out."

Classic summer tuneage from the Doobs. Underrated guitar action goin' on, too. Turn it up.

59:-->Moon Martin --"Hot House Baby" (3:17) --Escape From Domination (1979)
"My test tube baby don't run down
she drives it in the ground."

Solid guitar churnin' RnR. Wicked catchy. Great driving music.

58:-->BOA ---"When Electricity Came To Arkansas" (4:26) ---Black Oak Arkansas (1971)

Give me a band who wear their RnR hearts on their concert sleeves....over a more polished primadonna group any day. And Mangrum's vocals don't sound all that...strange...these days, do they? Plays some pretty mean washboard, too.

57:-->Paul Stanley -------"Ain't Quite Right" (3:37) ---------Paul Stanley (1978)
"You were standin' and I was thinkin'
of all the time that I spend hangin' around."

Interesting vibe from Stanley. Dark and moody with vocals absolutely nailed. Great song.

56:-->Rainbow -----------"A Light in the Black" (8:12) ---------Rising (1976)
"Something's calling me back.
There's a light in the black.
Am I ready to go, I'm coming home."

Blistering guitar spankage from Blackmore. Furious and orgasmic. Awesome Dio vocals before he shredded his throat. Add Carey on keyboards, Bain on bass, and Cozy on drums and you got yourself an all-star team. Haven't heard this yet? You'll be amazed.

55:-->BOC -------------"I Love The Night" (4:23) -------------Spectres (1977)
"The day is OK and the sun can be fun...
but I live to see those rays slip away."

Haunting homage to a female member of the undead. Creepy and beautiful.

54:-->Kansas ----------"What's On My Mind" (3:28) ----------Leftoverture (1976)
"And for the first time there's no pain in my life...
Though it's a long hard road that I've gone."

A surprising straight-out rocker from the prog-boys. Catchy upfront riffing from Livgren equaled only by ballsy vocals from Walsh. Carry on indeed.

53:-->Jefferson Starship ---"Awakening" (8:01) ---Freedom At Point Zero (1979)
"We just do what we must.
We're more than just ashes...
our spirits are more than just dust."

An 8 minute masterpiece sadly ignored by FM. Intense guitar bruising by underrated Craig Chaquico grabs the listener and does not let loose. Their finest moments.

52:-->John Prine ---------"Bruised Orange" (5:21) ---------Bruised Orange (1978)
"I sat on a park bench...
kissed the girl with the black hair.
And my head shouted down
to my heart..."you better look out below!"

This gem of a junebug JP's awesome way of gently reminding us...Shit happens...and I hurt with ya...But don't stew in your juices and only make it worse. You just gotta let it go.

51:-->Gregg Allman ----"All My Friends" (4:32) ------Laid Back (1973)
"It's all gone...
for the last time it seems.
And it's a shame...
all the feelings were lost in our schemes."

Soulful acoustic ballad with Allman vocals as comfortable as nursing a hot mug of almond amaretto in front of a three-log fire. Beautiful solo debut.

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers


WZJN said...

My, my. my! BOA? A childhood treasure. One of the first concerts I saw without an adult escourt.

Full of music fit for a demolition, I loved these guys! And, don't forget Ms. Ruby!

BTW - if you want to see where David Lee Roth got his image from - the complete package mind you, look no further then Mr. Mangrum. Thin physique? Check. Long, trailing blond hair? Check. Naked from the waist up? Check. Kicks and screams? Check. Identical twins? Check.

Anonymous said...

Ah-hah! More cool songs this week.

That "All My Friends" by Gregg Allman has always been one of my favorite solo songs of his.

Good pick from Kansas too. One of the few prog bands that I can really get into. (King Crimson is great too.)

And wow...I clicked on John Prine and and read the interview you had with him. That was a big surprise and enjoyed reading that.
"Bruised Orange" is one of his best albums.

Keep up the good work!

Casey said...

WZJN...You nailed it.
Not to big a stretch seeing that Mangrum & Roth are simply...brothers from different mothers!

Anon...I always have to throw a hand any John Prine fan.
Glad you enjoyed the interview. I'll never forget it.