TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Milestones" - SRC (1969)

"Milestones" - SRC (1969)

     "Milestones" is the 2nd of three albums released by the Detroit psychedelic band...SRC and all are a tasty square to pick up.  "Milestones" is not quite as strong as their self-titled debut, but the psych-searing fuzz-burn guitar is there and sounds fantastic.  Not as heavy as the first, but the vocals, guitar, drumming, and keyboard still play nicely together keeping mostly an acidic vibe even on the more commercial pop-dusted songs.  In other words, the music doesn't go limp on the more commercial reachouts.

The pressing has beautiful separation with and without headphones and is one of those spins that continues to reward the listener after the first shake of hands.  And the opening track just scorches.  There is a "Spinal Tap" moment on the last track that's a bit of a smile-maker, but the music rescues the song.  I'm cool with it.  The album is a nice follow-up with enough goodness within to keep the needle down.  A keeper.

"Milestones" - SRC (back)

Favorites include:
"No Secret Destination"
"Eye Of The Storm"

My copy is a Jacksonville pressing with a variable.  Some pressings separate the last song on Side A showing "6" numbered tracks.  My copy combines the last two songs and names it Track 5.  The vinyl looks a strong VG and plays even better.  The cover has some ringwear and edging, but no seam splits.  The spine however does show a little crumbling (ugh!) but is still very much readable.  I got a great deal at The Record Ship and now I've completed my SRC collection.

Capitol Records label

Cat #
ST 1 134 B4 #2  O
ST 2 134 B4 #1  O

"No Secret Destination" - SRC / "Milestones" (1969)

A1  "No Secret Destination" 4:17
A2  "Show Me" 3:40
A3  "Eye Of The Storm" 4:50
A4  "I Remember Your Face" 1:40
A5  "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" / "Bolero" 6:07
B1  "Checkmate" 3:42
B2  "Our Little Secret" 2:39
B3  "Turn Into Love" 2:59
B4  "Up All Night" 3:04
B5  "The Angel Song" 8:11

Scott Richardson - vocals
Gary Quackenbush - lead guitar
Steve Lyman - rhythm guitar, b-vocals
Glenn Quackenbush - keyboards
Al Wilmot - bass, b-vocals
E.G. Clawson drums, percussion

Good stuff.



Anonymous said…
'Eye Of The Storm' & 'Hall Of The Mountain King' are the standout songs on this one for me, but usually if i fancy some SRC it's the 'Traveller's Tale' album i reach for. It's more of a prog leaning record than the 1st pair, but that direction really suits them. The songwriting is cohesive & ambitious whilst the musical performances are committed & accomplished. An overlooked minor gem of an album.


Casey said…
SRC was a great band. Their 3rd album, "Traveller's Tale" is a great spin as well and usually found for low dollar.

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