TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Harvest Of Dreams" - Bobb Trimble (1982 - Rei 2007)

"Harvest Of Dreams" - Bobb Trimble (1982 - Rei 2007)

I picked up another psych album I discovered in the Acid Archives.  It's a 2007 reissue of "Harvest Of Dreams" that was originally released in limited numbers in 1982.  From a small town in Massachusetts, Bobb Trimble made a unique, otherworldly square that attempts to balance his jumbled magical thoughts on the head of a pin.  Spinning "Harvest Of Dreams" is like how it must feel to be in a slightly broken but genius mind.  Trimble's self-produced indie psych-folk album sounds like one foot standing close to George Martin and the other one burrowed deep into Brian Wilson's sand garden.

Songs are heavily layered with surprising studio effects that make them both emotionally fragile and strangely euphoric.  Studio trickery is used everywhere but somehow never gets in the way.  How weird is that?  And for the coup-de-gras, Bobb Trimble's vocals are a jaw-drop.  Feminesque.  Like a gentle Nick Gilder, but more androgynous.  Very beautiful, actually.  I suppose one will love it or hate it.  The middle ground is thin, I'm sure.  "Harvest Of Dreams" is a trippy album but active listening is a must to capture the heady atmospheric experience.  I don't luv the album yet, but it's growing on me.  

"Harvest Of Dreams" - Bobb Trimble (back)

Hype Sticker & Download Card

Favorites include:
"If Words Were All I Had"
"Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long"
I would like to note, that "Harvest Of Dreams" is not a cherry-pick kind of album, but one best to experience from needle drop to label.

I ordered this online and it arrived safe and sound.  The sound quality is just fine, although some have mentioned noise problems.   No problem here.  However, I could not find my specific pressing on Discogs so...whaddyagonnado?  The album came with a download card with a few extra tracks added, but sadly no liner notes.  It's still relatively inexpensive for a re-ish.

(Secretly Canadian label)

Cat #
SC-163LP A  SaLΓ
SC-163LP B  SaLΓ
BARCODE: 656605016313

"Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long" - Bobb Trimble / "Harvest Of Dreams" (1982)

A1  "Premonitions - The Fantasy"
A2  "If Words Were All I Had"
A3  "The World I Left Behind"
A4  "Armour Of The Shroud"
A5  "Premonitions Boy - The Reality"
B1  "Take Me Home Vienna"
B2  "Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long"
B3  "Oh Baby"
B4  "Paralyzed"
B5  "Another Lonely Angel"

Bobb Trimble - songwriting, guitars, vocals, production
Tim Pierce - guitar, composer
Don Christie - bass
Rich McGlaughlin - drums, vocals
The Kidds - vocals

Good stuff.



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