TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Powerglide" - New Riders Of The Purple Sage (1972)

"Powerglide" - New Riders Of The Purple Sage (1972)

New Riders of the Purple Sage was part of the West Coast scene and shared a sound that falls somewhere between The Flying Burrito Brothers and the Grateful Dead.  If you like that kind of country rock sound, you'll dig New Riders.  The hints of the Dead are easy to explain as Jerry Garcia was responsible for encouraging a couple of his Dead fans/friends to form their own band.  Garcia also went on to contribute to many of the band's songs.  NRotPS are not as jammy as the Grateful Dead but their counter-culture laidback vibes can be mind-pleasant under the right moon.  

Their albums can be found in record bins for a fivespot all day long.  They're fun, chill, and cheap.  As for "Powerglide"… the square sounds like you might expect.  There are a couple of wankers, mostly the cover songs, with "I Don’t Need No Doctor" being the exception.  But the rest of the songs hit that sweet spot.  It's not the band's best album, but it's good with most of the songs hovering around in that familiar country rock basket that I enjoy. 

"Powerglide" - New Riders Of The Purple Sage (back)

"Powerglide" (insert front and back)

"Powerglide" (company inner sleeve front & back)

Favorites include:
"I Don't Need No Doctor" 

My copy is a Terre Haute first press found in the used bin for $4.  The band's name appears nowhere on the album jacket in the early pressings.  The album includes a thick 12"x11" insert with a color cartoon drawing of the band, the track listing, and credits.  Pick up any of their early albums when you find'em cheap.

Columbia label

Cat #
KC 31284
PAL 31284 1-D  (Artisan Stamp)  T2
PBL 31284  1-C   (Artisan Stamp)  T1

"Contract" - New Riders of the Purple Sage / "Powerglide" (1972)

A1  "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)" 4:16
A2  "Rainbow" 3:02
A3  "California Day" 2:37
A4  "Sweet Lovin' One" 2:55
A5  "Lochinvar" 3:30
A6  "I Don't Need No Doctor" 4:42
B1  "Contract" 3:19
B2  "Runnin' Back To You" 4:11
B3  "Hello Mary Lou" 2:57
B4  "Duncan And Brady" 5:23
B5  "Willie And The Hand Jive" 6:20

John Dawson - guitars, vocals, lead vocals (A2, A4, A5, B2, B4) 
David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals, mandolin, lead vocal (A1)
Dave Torbert - bass, guitars, piano (B4) vocals, lead vocals (A3, A6, B1, B3, B5) 
Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar, dobro (A5, B4)
Spencer Dryden - drums, percussion, broom, whistle, whoopee (B4)
Nicky Hopkins - piano (A1, A3, A6, B1, B2, B5
Jerry Garcia - banjo (A4, B4) piano (A5)
Billy Kreutzmann - percussion (B4, B5)
Peoples Chorus - (B4)
Riderettes (A6)

Good stuff.

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