TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Loaded" - The Velvet Underground (1970)

"Loaded" - The Velvet Underground (1970)

"Loaded" was a risky pony-up, but I fortunately got a squeal of a deal.  I made a bid on eBay back in February for an original 1970 copy for $53 shipped...and won.  Originals can go for twice that amount.  It was one of those postings where nobody was bidding.  Possibly because the seller was new with very little history.  Plus the album had a pretty vague description.  

The seller was upfront about not knowing anything about records.  The description stated that the vinyl looked unplayed, but the front cover had a light stain on it.  Look at the pictures.  And I did!  Over and over and over again.  I finally tossed out a number on the last day and crossed my fingers.

When I found out I had the winning bid, I was elated...and trepidatious at the same time. And when it arrived at my doorstep, oh man, I was freaking!   But the album looked terrific. There was a discolored mark on the front, but not bad at all.  No splits.  No crumbling.  No dings.  And the vinyl looked and played almost excellent.  No skips.  No hairlines.  A few tics.  It sounded amazing.  This would be a very easy album to flip, but I'm keeping the puppy-dog.  I dropped the needle and started shaking to that fine fine music and another life was saved by rock and roll.  And it was all right.

"Loaded" - The Velvet Underground (back)

Favorites include: (besides the classic "Sweet Jane" and "Rock & Roll")
"Who Loves The Sun"
"Train Round The Bend"
"Oh! Sweet Nuthin'"
"New Age"

This is a very nice OG copy with the Monarch logo stamped in the deadwax.  "Loaded" is The Velvet Underground's fourth studio album and the last one with Lou Reed before his solo adventures.

This almost completes my VU collection.  The first four anyway.  I'm still missing "White Light/White Heat" (1968) but seldom see nice copies in the wild.  Yard sales are happening this time of year though so...who knows!?   The next time my feet hit New York City, "Loaded" is the VU album I wanna hear.  It's the album I absolutely need to hear.  BTW...most are already aware, but for those who have not noticed...the word "downtown" is misspelled as "dowtown" on the front cover.

Cotillion label

Cat #
SD 9034
ST-CTN-702029-AA  MO  (MR)  AT  △15351  aB  W
ST-CTN-702030-AA  MO  (MR)  AT  △15351-X  aB  W

"Train Round The Bend" - Velvet Underground / "Loaded" (1970)

A1  "Who Loves The Sun" 2:50
A2  "Sweet Jane" 3:55
A3  "Rock & Roll" 4:47
A4  "Cool It Down" 3:05
A5  "New Age" 5:20
B1  "Head Held High" 2:52
B2  "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" 2:48
B3  "I Found A Reason" 4:15
B4  "Train Round The Bend" 3:20
B5  "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" 7:23

Lou Reed - vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
Doug Yule - bass, piano, organ, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, b-vocals, lead vocals (A1, A5, B2, B5)
Sterling Morrison - lead, rhythm guitars, 'possible' b-vocals
Maureen Tucker - drums: (credited, but does not appear due to maternity leave.)
Adrian Barber - drums (A1)
Tommy Castagnaro - drums (A4, B1)
Billy Yule - drums (B2, B5)

Good stuff.

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