TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Hawkwind" - Hawkwind (1970)

"Hawkwind" - Hawkwind (1970)

     This is early space-rock.  An album to drop the needle on and temporarily relocate your mind.  And although Hawkwind's self-titled debut doesn't quite lock down that space-rock sound we all have come to love, they're getting close.  You can feel it.  The album starts off with a cool folkish-rocker atypical of their trademark sound, but it's actually pretty good.  But after that one, you'll want to keep all your arms and legs inside the capsule.   And by the time you flip the record over to side two, oh boy, you're in it deep.  Headphones engaged and cranked.  Admittedly, this early Hawkwind spin doesn't reach the level of the next four studio albums to follow, and yet it's still a mind-please.

"Hawkwind" - Hawkwind (back)

Favorites include:
"Seeing It As You Are"
"Be Yourself"
"Paranoia (Part 2)"

This copy is not a first pressing, but an early '71 US press.  And you will find a few variations.  On the label, the artist's name is LEFT of center hole.  The album title is centered BENEATH the spindle.  The "Side number, Stereo, and Cat #" are all ABOVE the center hole at the top-right.  And you'll find many pressings with the "writer and publishing credits" printed on the label.  Finally, overseas pressings were released in a gatefold sleeve.
As with most of the early Hawkwind albums I ever come across, they just keep getting more expensive and harder to find.  This particular square I found at The Record Ship wasn't a squeal of a deal but the album was priced less than the median on Discogs.  So I wasn't being raked.  The square had a vg+ tag and it played even better.  Quiet in the quiet spots and rich in the jammier places.  Glad I picked it up.

United Artists Records label

Cat #
UAS-5519-A (2)  •  BuD
UAS-5519-A (2)  

"Seeing It As You Really Are" - Hawkwind / "Hawkwind" (1970)

A1  "Hurry On Sundown" 4:50
A2  "The Reason Is?" 3:30
A3  "Be Yourself" 8:09
A4  "Paranoia (Part 1)" 1:04
B1  "Paranoia (Part 2)" 4:11
B2  "Seeing It As You Really Are" 10:43
B3  "Mirror Of Illusion" 6:58

Dave Brock - vocals, harmonica, percussion, 6-12 string guitar
Nik Turner - alto sax, vocals, percussion
Huw Lloyd-Langton - guitar
John A. Harrison - bass
Terry Ollis - drums

Good stuff.

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