TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Baby Blue" / "Flying" - Badfinger 7" (1972)

"Baby Blue" / "Flying" - Badfinger  7" (1972)

I'm not a serious collector of 45s.  I'll pick one up every once in a while, but it's a baby blue moon when I do.  I might grab a picture-sleeve Beatles if it's cheap.  Or maybe a cool picture-sleeve rarity.  If the seller has an interesting 45 on display, I might be sparked to look at it, otherwise, I'll just skip it.  I don't dig.  That's just me.  Good for all you guys that do.

This particular 45 single is a Los Angeles pressing (denoted by the ✲ in deadwax) held in a company Apple picture sleeve.  My poor photography does not do the sleeve justice.  The sleeve looks like it has some discoloring near the bottom, but it's actually very nice.  The playing time of the A-side mix is 6 seconds shorter than what's on the album.  The B-side is 20 seconds shorter.  I found it for a good price from a regular seller at an earlier record swap.

When Badfinger's "Baby Blue" blasted my ears in the final scene of the final episode of "Breaking Bad"...I had goosebumps.  I had tears.  My favorite show was ending, and the powers-that-be nailed it.  They set the bar.  The song encapsulated everything I loved about this cleverest of shows.  I own the "Straight Up" album the song calls home, but I needed this single.  And it will never be hidden in a box.

"Baby Blue" / "Flying" - Badfinger  7" (back)

"Baby Blue" / "Flying" - Badfinger 7" (front and back)

Cat #
S-45-X - 47653  25• 3  ✲  STERLING 2  LH
S-45-X - 47661  26• 2  ✲  STERLING 3  LH

Breaking Bad/"Baby Blue" (Final Scene-SPOILER)

A1  "Baby Blue" 3:32  (Album 3:38)
B1  "Flying" 2:17         (Album 2:37)

Pete Ham - vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, piano, organ
Tom Evans - vocals, bass
Joey Molland - vocals, rhythm & lead guitars
Mike Gibbins - drums, percussion
Todd Rundgren - producer

Good stuff.



Charlie Ricci said…
One of the best power pop LPs of all time. I still enjoy it immensely.
Here's my review of it.
Casey said…
Thanks for sharing the STRAIGHT UP review. You also mentioned their NO DICE album. Curiously, I have never seen that album in the wild. Nor even in a record shop. Bad timing, I guess...but I just find that so strange. And yet MAGIC CHRISTIAN SOLDIER I see all the time.

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