TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Midnight Express Soundtrack" - Giorgio Moroder (1978)

"Midnight Express Soundtrack" - Giorgio Moroder (1978)

Without ever having seen the film or heard the soundtrack, you might still be familiar with one of the songs.  Late-night radio "Coast To Coast AM" has been using "The Chase" as their opening theme for years.  The hypnotic electronica sets a tone that's uneasy and urgent.  The "Midnight Express Soundtrack" is filled with various shadows of synth and techno that create an overall aura of both portents and despair.  Melodic in a heavy-hearted way.   All instrumentals but for a mockish blues-like song and a vocal adaptation of the Midnight Express theme.  Fine, but not as enjoyable as the instrumentals.  

Soundtrack film scores can often be a rabid octopus with songs coming from every direction.  Finding a square with an unerring balance can be a landmine.  They are out there, but not a given.  I think Giorgio Moroder mostly succeeds with this score and gives the listener a solid bang for the buck.  A wonderful haunting spin.

"Midnight Express Soundtrack" - Giorgio Moroder (back)

Favorites include:
"(Theme From) Midnight Express"
"Istanbul Opening"

A few weeks ago I found a nice copy at The Record Ship and for less than $10 to boot.  The square just happened to be the frontman in the "used soundtrack" bin that day.  I wasn't actively looking for it, but there it was.  It wasn't until I took the record home that I discovered there was a "Coast To Coast" connection.  I never knew the show had sampled a track from the soundtrack til it was on my turntable.  A nice surprise.

Casablanca label

Cat #  
NBLP 7114
NBLP-7114-AS  TH-2  AZ  ❀、B  -  T1
NBLP-7114-BS-CT8  AZ  A  -  T1

" Chase" - Giorgio Moroder / "Midnight Express Soundtrack" (1978)

A1  "Chase" 8:24
A2  "Love's Theme" 5:33
A3  "(Theme From) Midnight Express" 4:39
B1  "Istanbul Blues" 3:17
B2  "The Wheel" 2:24
B3  "Istanbul Opening" 4:43
B4  "Cacaphoney" 2:58
B5  "(Theme From) Midnight Express" 4:47

Giorgio Moroder - electronics, arrangements, composer, producer
Harold Faltermeyer  - electronics, horn arrange, strings arrange, conductor
Greg Mathieson - electronics, 
Alan Estes - drums, percussion
Keith Forsey - drums, percussion

Good stuff.



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