TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Aorta" - Aorta (1969)

"Aorta" - Aorta (1969)

  The Chicago-based band...Aorta...and their 1969 self-titled debut album, reminds me of Three Dog Night if they had all dropped acid on the way to the studio and were just starting to feel the rush.  The harmonies are tight and bright, as you might expect, but there's also fuzz guitars and keyboard flourishes to be found here as well.  Many of the songs are dusted with shenanigans and take unexpected louies that please the head and keep things from becoming Malt-o-meal.  

"Aorta" is a psych pop-rock album, to be sure.  Not heavy, but a few songs really do get out there.  Overall, there's a lot to like on this album.  The band released another album the following year but I'd read somewhere that the music had a more Christian country rock vibe.  Not at all like their debut.  I haven't heard the LP myself, so correct me if I'm off-base.    

"Aorta" - Aorta (back)

"Aorta" - Aorta (inside gatefold)

Favorites include:
"Ode to Missy Mxyzosptlk"
"Thoughts And Feelings / Main Vein IV"

This is a vg+ copy with a huge "Promo - Not For Sale" sticker on the back, but the label has no markings to prove it, so...  There were also no markings in the runout to show where the record was pressed.  I picked this album up for $12 at the very same estate sale I mentioned in my last post.  The inside gatefold also includes the lyrics.

Columbia label

Cat #
CS 9785
XSM139459-1D 1 2 A4 0
XSM139460-1C 1 2 0

"Strange" - Aorta / "Aorta" (1969)

A1  "Main Vein I" 2:17
A2  "Heart Attack" 2:30
A3  "What's In My Mind's Eye" 2:47
A4  "Magic Bed" 2:37
A5  "Main Vein II" 1:25
A6  "Sleep Tight" 4:38
A7  "Catalyptic" 3:32
B1  "Main Vein III" 0:42
B2  "Sprinkle Road To Cork Street" 3:06
B3  "Ode To Missy Mxyzosptlk" 3:08
B4  "Strange" 4:18
B5  "A Thousand Thoughts" 3:48
B6  "Thoughts And Feelings / Main Vein IV" 4:07

James Vincent - guitar, vocals
Billy Herman - drums
Bobby Jones - bass
James Nyeholt - keyboards

Good stuff.

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