TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Buddy Holly Story" - Buddy Holly and the Crickets (1959)

"The Buddy Holly Story" - Buddy Holly and the Crickets (1959)

I knew I wanted to own a copy of this iconic album.  I really like the cover.  But I was never actively looking for it.  "The Buddy Holly Story" is not a difficult album to come by, nor is it expensive.  I've stumbled on it out in the wild many times, but whenever our paths crossed, something else would always be tugging at my pockets.  However, last year, I found the album at a local swap meet for $10.00 with the seller taking half-off of everything he had brought.  As I said, "The Buddy Holly Story" is an album that can usually be found on the cheap.

Buddy Holly was only 22 when the plane he was on went down.  It was the winter of '59.  February 3rd.  The day the music died.  Coral Records put this Buddy Holly compilation out in record time. (No pun intended.)  It was on the shelves less than a month after the tragedy.  The album holds twelve songs.  Every track was released on a single  Seven I was very familiar with.  The other five are lesser-heard.  There is not a drop-off in the bunch.  Surprisingly, "It's So Easy" is the only song found here NOT to have cracked the Top 100.  "The Buddy Holly Story" is a nice album to listen to and display.  I'm glad I have it.

"The Buddy Holly Story" (back)

This particular copy is a very early pressing VG mono on the original black and silver Coral label.  The album cover is laminated with a flip-back sleeve with the white-box Coral logo on the top-right.  It also has the original Holly photo on the front. (Later copies have a variation.)  There are other variants, as well, but this gives you an idea of the head-scratching shenanigans that go on trying to identify a record.  "It's all part of the experience, Russ."   

Coral label

Cat #
LVA.9105 / LVA 9105
MG-6950-1B (𝝿 𝝿 stacked)  JT
MG-6951-1B  1Ɔ C1 ..  S1.1

"It's So Easy" - Buddy Holly / "The Buddy Holly Story" (1959)

A1  "It's Raining In My Heart"
A2  "Early In The Morning"
A3  "Peggy Sue"
A4  "Maybe Baby"
A5  "Everyday"
A6  "Rave On"
B1  "That'll Be The Day"
B2  "Heartbeat"
B3  "Think It Over"
B4  "Oh Boy"
B5  "It's So Easy"
B6  "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

Buddy Holly - vocals, guitar
Joe B. Mauldin - bass. b-vocals
Jerry Allison - drums
Niki Sullivan – guitar, b-vocals
Al Chernet - guitar (A2)
George Barnes - guitar (A2)
Sanford Bloch - bass (A2)
Ernest Hayes - piano (A2)
Sam "The Man" Taylor - saxophone guitar (A2)
Panama Francis - drums (A2)
Philip Krous - drums (A2)
The Helen Way Singers - b-vocals (A2)
The Picks - b-vocals
Vi Petty - celeste (A4), piano (B3)
Al Caiola - guitar (A6)
Donald Arnone - rhythm guitar (A6)
George Alwoo - bass (B2)

Good stuff.

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Charlie Ricci said…
I think the Coral record label is really cool. Those plain vintage labels are something I like.
Casey said…
The Coral label works for me too! Labels are fascinating anyway and seeing the evolution of styles unfold throughout the years aesthetically is cool in itself.

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