TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Merkurius" - Baby Grandmothers (2018)

"Merkurius" - Baby Grandmothers (2018)

Baby Grandmothers was a Swedish band and one of the earlier purveyors of the psych juice.  In the early days, the band was asked to support Jimi Hendrix while he was on his Scandinavian tour.  Later, the band would morph into the second formation of the Mecki Mark Men, another Swedish legend.  In 2007, Subliminal Sounds issued Baby Grandmothers' first album which was made up of unreleased 1967-68 material along with their only single.  And the album is a must-own for any collector of psych.

In 2018, the original members of Baby Grandmothers recorded a reunion album, "Merkurius" and the square sounds almost equally as good.  Like they had never left the studio.  Just top-notch stuff.  The undercurrent of stoner psych still permeates throughout the spin with space-rock vibes and drone-like rushes to feed your head.  Each song is different, but nothing drifts away from the mind-tripping journey.  Needle drop to label, "Merkurius" does not disappoint.  Seek this one out.

"Merkurius" - Baby Grandmothers (back)

Favorites include:
"Kraftverk" -  hypnotic dronelike vibes.
"Intervall" - tempo-teaser
"Elefant" - a jam-journey of an ominous sort.

hype sticker

I like how Subliminal Sounds places their barcode with the hype sticker rather than on the album cover.  The silver foil album holds a purple vinyl square and is apparently limited to 300 copies.  The album also includes a red insert sheet written in English and Swedish with the tracklist and a short explanation of how the band approached each song.  I snagged this on Amazon with a gift card.

"Merkurius" - Baby Grandmothers
 (insert front-back)

Subliminal Sounds label
(front and back, purple vinyl)

Cat #

"Intervall" - Baby Grandmothers / "Merkurius" (2018)

A1  "Peloton" 2:41
A2  "ADHD" 6:36
A3  "Intervall" 3:13
A4  "Elefant" 5:16
B1  "Dojjan" 3:17
B2  "Kraftverk" 7:31
B3  "Merkurius" 6:36

Kenny HÃ¥kansson - guitar, vocals, keyboards.
Bella Linnarsson - bass
Pelle Ekman - drum

Good stuff.

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