TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Mighty Baby" - Mighty Baby (1969 - Rei 2021)

 "Mighty Baby" - Mighty Baby (1969 - Rei 2021)

Mighty Baby's debut is a psych biscuit with whispers of proto-prog peeking through the curtains.  Add to this the influences of Haight-Ashbury and you have a wonderful spin. The square is solid from needle drop to label.  Very consistent, and with plenty of musical ducks and dodges to keep the mind entertained.

The cool quirk about Mighty Baby is the band is not from the West Coast, but from London, England.  And the British flavor is there, and nicely so, but the hippie nuances are all over this keeper.

 "Mighty Baby" (back)

Favorites include the opening track "Egyptian Tomb" filled with a psych aura of guitars and organs on a subtle jazz-touched mystical ramble.  It's a really nice stoner trip.  "House Without Windows" has some killer fuzz guitars driving the acid truck.  "Same Way From The Sun" is another good head trip and has a fake fade-out/fade-in near the middle that brings you back. 

My copy is a 2021 pressing on the Trading Places label from Europe.  The square really throws some nice sounds out of the speakers.  Very clean and bang.  Original copies will run you $400 - $500 unless you get incredibly lucky, so for the $21 reissue, this is the way to go.  If I was to make a list, Mighty Baby would be one of my top-ten album finds for the year.

 "Mighty Baby" (inside gatefold)

Hype Sticker

Trading Places label  (Side A - Side B)

Cat #

"House Without Windows" - Mighty Baby - "Mighty Baby" (1969)

A1  "Egyptian Tomb" 5:28
A2  "A Friend You Know But Never See" 4:26
A3  "I've Been Down So Long" 5:06
A4  "Same Way From the Sun" 5:44
B1  "House Without Windows" 6:12
B2  "Trials Of A City" 6:01
B3  "I'm From The Country" 4:51
B4  "At A Point Between Fate And Destiny" 4:49

Alan King - guitar, vocals
Martin Stone - lead guitar, slide
Michael Evans - bass
Ian Whiteman - vocals, flute, sax, organ, piano, percussion
Roger Powell - drums

Good stuff.



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