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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Gandalf" - Gandalf (1969 - Rei 2020)

"Gandalf" - Gandalf  (1969 - Rei 2020?)

The face is surrounded by butterflies and flowers.  But then there's the eyes.  Eyes with yellow pupils.  No matter where I set this album...the eyes are keeping watch.  Gandalf's self-titled square is a cool float-edelic psych pop whisperer.  Sure, it has some Hammond and the occasional fuzz g burns.  A bit of sitar and weirdly-cool bass.  But the album is not noisy.  Plenty of room to breathe.  And the vocals add an almost ethereal atmosphere that together gives everything an affecting vibe.

Gandalf was a New York band and had recorded these songs two years prior to Capitol Records finally deciding to dance.  Unfortunately, the pressings were released with the wrong record inside.  This snafu was corrected soon after, but I imagine the commercial damage had already been done.  "Boom Boom, out go the lights" as the saying goes.  However, for those who found themselves holding a corrected  "Gandalf" first copy discovered a lightly haunting psychedelic biscuit.

"Gandalf" - Gandalf  (back)

Favorites include…
"Can You Travel In The Dark Alone"
"Hang On To A Dream"
"Nature Boy" 

This was one of my Covid online purchases.  You remember those, don't you?  I had wanted this album the first time I saw the Gandalf photograph in Richard Morton Jack's psych book.  I even held off listening to it until I actually had one in my hand.  I wanted the first listen to be on my turntable while sitting in my favorite chair.  And oh, them eyes.

Capitol Records

3972 - ST121 1 B  A  S 42889  DcBφs  
3972  ST121 - 1  S248 89  90  DcBφs

"Nature Boy" - Gandalf / "Gandalf" (1969)

A1  "Golden Earrings" 2:45
A2  "Hang On To A Dream" 4:12
A3  "Never Too Far" 1:50
A4  "Scarlet Ribbons" 3:02
A5  "You Upset The Grace Of Living" 2:38
B1  "Can You Travel In The Dark Alone" 3:07
B2  "Nature Boy" 3:06
B3  "Tiffany Rings" 1:48
B4  "Me About You" 4:53
B5  "I Watch The Moon" 3:50

Peter Sando - guitar
Frank Hubach - keyboards, piano. organ, harpsichord
Bob Muller - bass
Davy Bauer - drums

Good stuff.

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