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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Up Up And Away" - The Generation Gap (1968)

"Up Up And Away" - The Generation Gap (1968)

"Up Up and Away" is just one of several exploitation records that flooded the market in the 60s.  A quick psychedelic cash-in money grab.  Most were not very interesting.  However, a small few were much better than expected.  This was in no small part thanks to session guitarist Jerry Cole.

Jerry Cole is best known for recording two highly sought-after psych albums..."The Inner Sounds Of The ID" and "The Animated Egg."  Afterwards, many of the unused tracks Cole left on the cutting floor were added to some of these quick grab albums.  Mostly uncredited.  "Up Up and Away" has some of these leftover tracks making this square a better-than-average spin.  Even better, this early example of psychedelia can be had for a Lincoln.  Sometimes even less.  

"Up Up And Away" - The Generation Gap (back)

The album starts off a little weak but does grow stronger as you go.  Favorites include "Hard Times,"  "Fool's Luck," and the dream-like..."Lisa."  There are ten tracks on this square, six have that Jerry Cole fuzz flavor.  The other four songs are not near as good, but still, capture a nice snapshot of the times.  I call that bonus.  

My copy came from an indoor garage sale on a warmer than usual day in late December of last year. The seller had it mixed in a box along with a lot of lounge and exotica albums he'd picked up.  I started flipping through the box and decided to just stay with it to the end.  And that's just where I found this album.  Near the end of the box.  It was opened but still in shrink and really clean.  I knew Jerry Cole was on this square from watching an old Dots and Loops vinyl video.  After bundling it up with a few other things, I took it home for less than an Abe.  Early psych for a cheap price.  Not terribly hard to find in the wild, either.  Let the hunt begin!

Custom Records label

CS 1121
CS-1121-1 - 

"Fool's Luck" - The Generation Gap / "Up Up and Away" (1968)

A1  "Up Up And Away" 2:38
A2  "I'm A Man" 2:48
A3  "Make Up Powder And Paint" 3:50
A4  "Lisa" 3:09
A5  "High On Love" 4:15
B1  "Woman Of Mine" 3:17
B2  "Hard Times" 2:48
B3  "Strange Shadows" 2:54
B4  "Fools Luck" 3:23
B5  "On The Run" 3:07

Jerry Cole (uncredited) - guitar
Other session musicians

Good stuff.

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