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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."SRC" - SRC (1968)

"SRC" - SRC (1968)

Really good psychedelic rock with tasty organ and amazing fuzzed-out guitars.  When Gary Quackenbush lets his guitar off the chain, the frying begins.  The spin leaves the mind traveling through a trippy, groovy atmosphere of sensations.  Yet even on the heavier tracks, the music maintains an undercurrent of pop sensibilities that matches up really well with the trip.  On first listen, I caught a surprising rush or two.  Drop the needle and drop out.  

SRC was just another killer band outta Detroit.  The band released three good albums, but their self-titled debut album is their best one.  This square is featured in Richard Morton Jack's book of psych albums and is worth checking out if you have any interest at all in this genre.  Every once in a while I'm able to check off an album from the book.  I'm not trying to collect them all or anything like that, my billfold would never allow for such lunacy.  But it's still a joy whenever I find one that's affordable.  Now that's a high!

"SRC" - SRC (back)
Favorites include the amazing "Black Sheep."  They give the closing track "Interval" a pretty good workout.  And the slightly ominous "Onesimpletask" strikes a pose.  The vocals are solid throughout, as well.

This original copy is a Scranton pressing.  The label has a text variable with "SRC" having expanded spaces between each letter.  The track titles are also placed exactly in the middle.  Some copies have tracks in alignment.  This is not a terribly expensive album, although a few sellers do try to milk the cow.  If you can find one for a price closer to the $30 mark than $60…it's worth looking it over.  The SRC is an acronym for Scott Richard Case.  The album cover art is another visual treat to closely peruse while your record spins.  I found a really nice copy for $34 shipped.

Capitol Records label

Cat #
ST-1-2991-A1  ( IAM inside a triangle )  
ST 2-2991-B2  ( IAM inside a triangle )

"Black Sheep" - SRC / "SRC" (1968)

A1  "Black Sheep" 4:46
A2  "Daystar" 4:24
A3  "Exile" 4:20
A4  "Marionette" 3:58
B1  "Onesimpletask" 5:32
B2  "Paragon Council" 4:00
B3  "Refugeve" 3:38
B4  "Interval" 5:07

Scott Richardson - vocals
Gary Quackenbush - lead guitar
Steve Lyman - guitar, b-vocals
Glenn Quackenbush - Hammond organ
Robin Dale - bass, b-vocals
E.G. Clawson (Scott Williamson)– drums

Good stuff.

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