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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Progressive Blues Experiment" - Johnny Winter (1969)

"The Progressive Blues Experiment" - Johnny Winter (1969)

I'm not the biggest aficionado of the blues.  I mean, I'll pull a blues album from a bin from time to time if my pockets are feeling extra full, but I don't usually search.  However, I had been actively looking for Johnny Winter's debut album "The Progressive Blues Experiment" for quite a spell.  I first heard this record on a local radio station that used to play blues on Sunday mornings and fell in love with it.  So I was always keeping my eye out for a really clean copy with a good price tag, but I could never find both.  Now I have one.

"The Progressive Blues Experiment" is a backwoods chainsaw of electric blues, both original songs, and covers, all worked out in Johnny Winter fashion.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall watching the jaws drop when this pale, thin, wispy-haired new kid on the block from Beaumont, Texas threw down some of his guitar witchery on stage for the first time.  Holy schnikies.  If you're not a big fan of blues, you still might want to give this one a chance.  

"The Progressive Blues Experiment" (back)

Favorites include the cock-n-loaded "Mean Town Blues."  "Bad Luck And Trouble" has some good back porch slide-guitar.  And "Tribute To Muddy" is a pretty-fine homage to the man.

I found this album in Hutchinson, KS at a record swap held at an outdoor shelter...much nicer than one might think.  The seller only had two tubs of records and everything was half-off.  This puppy was in it.  I don't remember what I paid, but I want to say $5.  The album cover catches the reflection of Johnny Winter on the back of his steel guitar.  I had a friend tell me they thought it was a fisheye photo of a lightbulb with a nose in it!  So now you know.  And it's on the Imperial label.

Liberty record sleeve

Imperial Records label

Cat #
LP  12431-1  114
LP  12431-2  114

"Mean Town Blues" - Johnny Winter / "The Progressive Blues Experiment" (1969)

A1  "Rollin' And Tumblin'" 3:09
A2  "Tribute To Muddy" 6:20
A3  "I Got Love If You Want It" 3:52
A4  "Bad Luck And Trouble" 3:43
A5  "Help Me" 3:46
B1  "Mean Town Blues" 4:26
B2  "Broke Down Engine" 3:25
B3  "Black Cat Bone" 3:46
B4  "It's My Own Fault" 7:20
B5  "Forty-Four" 3:28

Johnny Winter - vocals, electric guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Tommy Shannon - bass
John "Red" Turner - drums

Good stuff.


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