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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Presenting..." - Lothar And The Hand People (1968 - Rei 1972)

"Presenting..." - Lothar And The Hand People (1968 - Rei 1972)

Lothar and the Hand People, from Denver, is cited as being the first band to tour with a Moog synthesizer and the theremin.  The theremin is named Lothar and played by John Emelin, one of the Hand People.  The band went on to share the stage with several well-known acts of the era from Hendrix to the Grateful Dead.  That's a pretty cool biscuit to nibble on.

But don't let this mislead you into believing their debut album is a monster dose of electronica poundage coming at you.  I mean, this isn't the Silver Apples.  This is not the Great Gatsby.  "Presenting..." is a mishmash of psych-dusted pop-rock with odd, mostly catchy songs, and with the Moog and theremin peaking in and out using a small paint brush rather than a giant roller.  It's not deep, but it's fun for what it is.  The album has a bit of a Fuggs bent to it and aside from a couple of wankers, there's more to like than not.  And it's an early psych album that still can be found cheap.

"Presenting..." - Lothar And The Hand People (back)

Favorites include the slightly more ominous “Machines” that originally was recorded by Manfred Mann.  Garage rocker "You Won’t Be Lonely" is a good one to add to a compilation.  And probably the most psych-inspired track on the album, "It Comes On Anyhow” closes it out.

Discogs has no official date for this release, but based on the yellow Capitol label, I believe my copy is a 1972 pressing.  This is also the abridged version.  For whatever reason, Capitol records decided to remove three tracks before releasing the album a second time.  I found this record at a local shop for $12 and wanted to walk out with something.  Interestingly, I later found out that Lothar and the Hand People was the opening act at the 1969 Atlantic City Pop Festival.  So they did get to ride the lightning for a time.

Capitol Records

Cat #
SM-1-2997  F-7  #1  Wally  MASTERED BY CAPITOL  0

"You Won’t Be Lonely" - Lothar And The Hand People / "Presenting..." (1968)

A1  "Machines" 2:30
A2  "This Is It" 2:40
A3  "This May Be Goodbye" 2:20
A4  "That's Another Story" 2:00
A5  "Ha (Ho)" 2:40
B1  "Sex And Violence" 2:33
B2  "Bye Bye Love" 2:12
B3  "Milkweed Love" 2:43
B4  "You Won't Be Lonely" 2:25
B5  "It Comes On Anyhow" 3:10

John Emelin - vocals, Lothar the theremin
Kim King - guitar, Moog, Ampex tape decks 
Paul Conly - keyboards, linear controller, Moog
Rusty Ford - bass
Tom Flye - percussion

Good stuff.

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