TCCDM Pulls One Out..."July" - July (1968 - Rei 2017)

"July" - July (1968 - Rei 2017)

July's self-titled debut album is a must-own for any fan of the psychedelic genre.  Hailing from England, July tickles the head with a chameleon of catchy, well-constructed songs filled with tasty fuzz, percussion, organ, and sitar that take groovy detours and louies.  

Sometimes a psych band just wants to throw things at the wall.  But here, there is a distinct method to their madness.  Choices are made with intent.  This is psych-pop and psych-rock that satisfies from needle drop to label.  And the album art is as fantastic as the music.  The kind of cover everyone passes around to inspect from every angle.

Imagine Syd Barrett hanging out with Sgt Pepper and drinking the same kool-aid.  It's a ridiculous and amazing idea.  But I kid you not, there are moments when the two seem to be knocking boots.  Sadly, this was to be July's only album.  A couple of members went on to form...Jade Warrior.  And another would produce Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" and "Tubular Bells II." 

"July" (back)

Favorites include: "You Missed It All."  "Dandelion Seeds."  "Friendly Man."  "Move On Sweet Flower."  My copy is a 2017 reissue by Music On Vinyl.  The MOV quality has been pretty consistent and this one is no exception.  Sounds really good.  

Original copies of "July" are hard to come by and really expensive when you do.  This album is just what reissues are made for. I've spun this square a lot over the last couple of weeks and it's a great one to have in your collection.  There's a good chance we'll be seeing this square again on my favorite End-of-Year grabs.

"July" (Music On Vinyl sticker)

Music On Vinyl label

Cat #
19743  1A  MOVLP1947
19743  1B  MOVLP1947

"Dandelion Seeds" - July / "July" (1968)

A1  "My Clown" 3:23
A2  "Dandelion Seeds" 4:29
A3  "Jolly Mary" 2:20
A4  "Hallo To Me" 2:59
A5  "You Missed It All" 2:51
A6  "The Way" 3:23
B1  "To Be Free" 2:49
B2  "Move On Sweet Flower" 3:25
B3  "Crying Is For Writers" 2:36
B4  "I See" 2:40
B5  "Friendly Man" 3:09
B6  "A Bird Lived" 2:39

Tom Newman - vocals, guitar
Tony Duhig - guitar, organ
Jon Field - vocals, flute, organ
Chris Jackson - drums, organ
Alan James - bass
Peter Cook - vocals, guitar

Good stuff.



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