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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Hard Meat" - Hard Meat (1970)

"Hard Meat" - Hard Meat (1970)

I like late 60s and early 70s acid rock/hard rock and Hard Meat's self-titled debut is a welcome addition to the shelf.  The album has good songwriting and the arrangements are filled with tasty guitar jams and gentle chillouts that compliment rather than distract.  It's not a heavy psych album, but this combination does give a floaty, almost lysergic, vibe over much of the square.

This talented British trio released two albums in 1970, the other being "Through A Window"...but both failed to put any knots on the chart.  The following year, Hard Meat zipped up their pants and called it a day.  Both albums are rated pretty highly though and are worth picking up should your paths ever cross. 

"Hard Meat" (back)

Favorites include the 10+ minute "Run Shaker Life."  "Through A Window" starts off gentle and then catches fire with guitar, bass, and drums each fighting for purchase.  The atmospheric "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" is a floaty groove.  For anyone keeping score...the Dylan cover "Most Likely You Go Your Way..." is pretty killer, too.

I've never seen one in the wild, so I did some surf-sailing on eBay.  I found a nice white label promo copy advertised as vg-vg+ for $32 shipped...which is a fair price.  I wasn't looking for a promo, it just worked out that way.  Still, this was a bit of a pony-up for my backpocket as part of the fun is finding really good records cheap, right? 

"Hard Meat" (inside gatefold)

"Hard Meat" (WB Ad insert)

"Hard Meat" (WB record sleeve)

Warner Bros. Records (White Label Promo)

WS 1852
1  WS-1852  39664-A-1B  [Artisan symbol]  A2
1  WS-1852  Ƨ  39665-B-1A  [Artisan symbol]  A2

"Through A Window" - Hard Meat / "Hard Meat" (1970)

A1  "Through A Window" 3:52
A2  "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" 5:04
A3  "Space Between" 4:36 
A4  "Time Shows No Face" 3:57 
B1  "Run Shaker Life" 10:17 
B2  "Universal Joint" 3:40
B3  "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" 5:03

Mick Dolan - vocals, guitar
Steve Dolan - bass
Mick Carless - drums, congas, percussion
Ian Whiteman - piano, flute (A4)
Bruce Howard - piano (B3)

Good stuff.


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