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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Runt" - Todd Rundgren (1970)

"Runt" - Runt (1970)

I didn't know that "Runt" was an alias for Todd Rundgren's first solo album.  I always thought the album was some offshoot of Nazz.  But yes, this was really Todd's debut album and it's very good.  Catchy, trippy, sweet, and fearless.  Very much a prelude to his magnus..."Something/Anything." (1972)  The album is a pastiche of music filled with pop-psych, rockers, ballads, soul, and slices of avant-garde much like "S/A"...but trimmed to a more manageable head-spin.  So it never gets overwhelming or boring.   "Runt" is a fantastic first album for anyone and I'm not the biggest TR fan by any means.  This is a keeper and the perfect place to catch the bus on Rundgren's lengthy discography.

"Runt" (back)

Favorites include "Baby Let's Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don't Tie My Hands."  The Beefheart flavored..."I'm In The Clique" is a head-twist.    And I think Rundgren's top-20 single..."We Got To Get You A Woman" really stands out from all the other radio fodder of the era.

My copy isn't the best.  The top has a 2-inch seam split and is a bit crumbly.  The vinyl is not bad.  A solid vg, maybe vg+.  Unfortunately, it's missing the custom inner sleeve with lyrics and photos.  I'll be looking for a better copy, but for now, this one will be a nice filler.  I found this at a record swap for $4.  Here is an interesting variant for those to play I-spy.  There were early album mis-pressings that had 12 songs instead of 10.  Rundgren put the kibosh quickly on those pressings but approximately 5,000 copies got out.  If anyone has one, I'd love to see it.

Bearsville label

Cat #

"Baby Let's Swing/The Last Thing You Said/Don't Tie My Hands" - Todd Rundgren / "Runt" (1970)

A1  "Broke Down And Busted" 4:32
A2  "Believe In Me" 2:04
A3  "We Gotta Get You A Woman" 2:52
A4  "Who's That Man?" 2:59
A5  "Once Burned" 2:09
A6  "Devil's Bite" 3:53
B1  "I'm In The Clique" 4:57
B2  "There Are No Words" 2:12
B3  "Baby, Let's Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don't Tie My Hands" 5:28
B4  "Birthday Carol" 9:14

Todd Rundgren - production, arrangements, all instruments and voices (except where indicated)
Tony Sales - bass (except A4, B1, B4) percussion (A3, A6)
Hunt Sales - drums (except A5, B1, B4) percussion (A3, A6)
Rick Danko - bass (A5)
Levon Helm - drums (A5)
Mark Klingman - electric piano (B1)
John Miller - bass (B1)
Bobby Moses - drums (B1)
Don Lee van Winkle - rhythm & acoustic guitar (B4)
Don Ferris - bass (B4)
Mickey Brook - drums (B4)

Good stuff.


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