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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Josefus" - Josefus (1970 - Rei 2016)

"Josefus" - Josefus (1970 - Rei 2016)

Tasty acid rock from the little ol' state of Texas.  Not as psych as I'd hoped, but dusted a bit just the same and entertaining nonetheless.  This self-titled "Josefus" square was the band's 2nd album and it's a pretty solid offering.  Yeah, there are a couple of slipups on this square, but it's mostly an entertaining spin.  I liked it.    

Josefus' first album..."Dead Man" (1970) on Hookah Records is considered by many to be the band's best one.  Stronger material.  More psych-driven.  And that's not surprising.  Mainstream took over the band that same year and demanded they record another album before the year rang.  And six months later, they released "Josefus."  A few of the songs sound like they might've benefitted by being baked a little while longer, but the music still tastes pretty dang good.  Sadly, it would be the band's last album from this period.

"Josefus" (back)

Side one is easily the stronger with splendid guitar work provided by Dave Mitchell.  His guitar play keeps everything interesting and his creative runs and riffs often rescue what could've been a weaker on the almost throw-away track "I Saw A Killin'."  It's 'Mighty Mitchell' to the rescue.  Favorites include "B.S Creek"..."America"...and "I'm Gettin' On."

This is an Akarma 2016 reissue that offers up the record in a very nice polythene sleeve. There are also three bonus tracks included.  Unfortunately, there are no liner notes.  From what I could gather, two of the songs are taken from an early original A/B single when the band was called Come.  The other is a demo that was never released.  The vinyl label has all the track information on one side and the Akarma custom image on the flip.  It spins nice and though not amazing, has a good sound.  However, my copy has a sharp, kind of jagged vinyl edge.  Not on top where the needle drops, but the edge where your hands hold it and flip it.  I think it could draw blood if used as a weapon.  So my ears were definitely taking a special interest in the sound quality on the first spin.  But as I said before, the record played fine, thankfully, but damn...buyer beware!  

Akarma label (front & back)

Cat #
AK 361
AK 361 A
AK 361 B

"B.S. Creek" - Josefus / "Josefus" (1970)

A1  "Bald Peach" 2:42
A2  "B.S. Creek" 4:04
A3  "America" 2:38
A4  "I'm Gettin' On" 2:30
A5  "Sefus Blues" 3:12
A6  "Jimmy, Jimmy" 2:39
B1  "Feelin' Good" 6:10
B2  "Condition" 3:01
B3  "I Saw a Killin'" 2:23
B4  "Such Is Life" 3:07
B5  "Country Boy" 3:18 
B6  "Crazy Man" 3:42
B7  "I Love You" 2:27

Pete Bailey - vocals, harmonica
Dave Mitchell - guitar 
Ray Turner - bass
Doug Tull - percussion 

Good stuff.


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