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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."(R)Evolution" - Hedge & Donna (1971)

"(R)Evolution" - Hedge & Donna (1971)

This was a complete blind buy.  I grabbed it because the cover looked interesting and it had Joe Walsh playing guitar on the album.  Hedge & Donna were a mid-late 60s folk-rock duo out of California who had met in college, married, and were acclaimed enough to be asked to perform at the Atlanta International Pop Festival and The Smothers Brothers Show"REvolution" was the duo's fifth album and finds them throwing down a groovier and more contemporary folk vibe.
I was expecting Joe Walsh's presence to be more obvious, but here he maintains a lower profile letting the two do their thing.  And it's pretty good for what it is.  Certainly enjoyable, but nothing really stood out for me either.  However, since spinning Hedge & Donna's "REvolution" a few times, I've found the square to be a bit of a grower.  I just think my Walsh expectations threw me off. 

"(R)Evolution" - Hedge & Donna (back)

Favorites include "Nickle A Night."  "May 7th."  And "Collage" (a Joe Walsh/James Gang cover).  My copy had a $5 price tag, but I bundled and paid less.  This is the only copy I've ever stumbled on in the wild.  By the way, the crossed-out "R" in the album title is part of the actual cover and not just someone's shenanigans with a magic marker.

Polydor label

Cat #
24-4063  /  POLP 80195-2
POLP-80195-2C-RE-1  (MR in circle)  △16025  STERLING  RL  
POLP-80196-2C-RE-1  (MR in a circle)  △16025-X  STERLING  

"May 7th" - Hedge & Donna / "(R)Evolution" (1971)

A1  "Touch Caste On The Water" 2:40
A2  "She Said She Said" 2:25
A3  "Colorado Exile" 2:45
A4  "Free & Easy" 0:20
A5  "Aragon Ballroom" 3:06
A6  "Heavy Ways Of Moving" 2:50
B1  "Collage" 2:48
B2  "May 7th" 2:25
B3  "Sundays Birthday Child" 2:10
B4  "Sail A Schooner" 2:40
B5  "Nickle A Night" 3:05
B6  "Blind Man From Arizona" 3:20

Hedge Capers - vocals, guitar (12 & 6 string)
Donna Carson - vocals
Joe Walsh - guitar (electric & acoustic)
Jim Hughart - bass
Wolfgang Melz - bass
Larry Fallon - piano
Mike Melvoin - piano
Ron Tutt - drums

Good stuff.

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