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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."(No Pussyfooting)" - Fripp & Eno (1973)

"(No Pussyfooting)" - Fripp & Eno (1973)

More avant-garde, than ambient.  Brian Eno is not quite there...yet.  More flibbety-floos to tapdance in your brain on this debut album..."(No Pussyfooting)."  Still,  you can definitely see the direction this experimental bend is leading.  Using tape recorders like jacked-up sewing machines, they thread loops and layers and tape delays of synth and guitar to create wonderfully strange and heady trance-like music.

Two songs, "The Heavenly Music Corporation" and "Swastika Girls" make up the album.  Both are unique and enjoyable. This is the early beginnings of Eno's fascination with tape-delay manipulation and Robert Fripp's guitar trickery soon to be known as "Frippertronics."  In equal measure, each take their ideas further into the unknown.  On this album, you can't have one without the other.  Knowing of Eno's extreme ambient period to come, I was afraid "(No Pussyfooting)" might be "too ambient" for my taste, but I enjoyed this spin quite a bit.  

"(No Pussyfooting)" - Fripp & Eno (back)

My copy is a 1976 repress on the Antilles label.  On the album spine, it has "1973 Antilles"...which is confusing.  The cover is glossy and flexible like in Europe, but it's from the States.  I found my copy at a record swap for 18 simoleons.

Antilles label

Cat #
AN-7001-A  ILPS- 16A- CP-1  PXT  
AN-7001-B  PXT  0 3  ILPS- I6B- CPS-1

Nothing to share from this album on YouTube, but here is Fripp & Eno performing together for everyone to taste.  You can stream "No Pussyfooting" on Spotify.  Go check it out.

"Transcendental Music Corporation (pt2)" - Fripp & Eno (Paris 1975)

"The Heavenly Music Corporation" 20:53
"Swastika Girls" 18:52

Brian Eno - synthesizer, keyboards, treatments, VCS 3 synthesizer
Robert Fripp - electric and acoustic guitars

Good stuff.


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