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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Touch" - Touch (1969)

"Touch" - Touch (1969)

Touch, with their eponymous and only album, brought us some psych-dusted prog rock.  Or prog-heavy psych-rock.  Somewhere in the middle, but definitely leaning closer to prog is where this album lands.  It's keyboard-driven, for sure, but without all the pompous self-flagellation other keyboardists would sometimes fall into.  There are also some tasty guitar burns and bass runs to be found.  And the vocals are tight.  "Touch" is considered some of the earliest prog stuff to come out of the States.

Keyboard wizard and writer, Don Gallucci was 19 when Touch went into the studio to make the album.  Prior to Touch...Galluci was responsible for the "Louie Louie" keyboard riff that everybody has come to know while he was a member of The Kingsmen.  He was just 15.  He had to quit because Galluci wasn't allowed to play at many of the places where The Kingsmen performed.  So..."Louie Louie...he had to go now."  Whaddyagonnado?

"Touch" - Touch (back)

Favorites include the psyched-up "Down At Circes' Place."  The rocking "We Feel Fine" opens the box.  "The Spiritual Death Of Howard Greer" is a rush of atmospheric highs and lows.  And the epic 11-min. "Seventy Five" closes the album and lays down the gauntlet for all the "prog-dancers" yet to come.  The entire album has plenty of replay value. 

My copy was found at a record shop for $16 and I was surprised to find it sitting in the regular "T" section and not with the "new arrivals."  The album has a gimmix flip-open cover with the album sliding in from the top.  There was also a cool poster included never used.

"Touch" (inside foldout cover)

Poster included

Coliseum label

Cat #
DS 51004
Ⓨ SAHS-1539  C
J  Ѡ  0  SAHS-1540  A 01

"Down At Circes' Place" - Touch / "Touch" (1969)

A1  "We Feel Fine" 4:33
A2  "Friendly Birds" 4:50
A3  "Miss Teach" 3:22
A4  "The Spiritual Death Of Howard Greer" 9:31
B1  "Down At Circes' Place" 3:52
B2  "Alesha And Others" 3:05
B3  "Seventy Five" 10:58

Jeff Hawks - vocals
Joey Newman - guitar, vocals
Don Gallucci - keyboards, vocals
Bruce Hauser - bass, vocals
John Bordonaro - drums, percussion, vocals

Good stuff.


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