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TCCDM Pulls One Out...“K" - Kula Shaker (1996 - Rei 2016)

"K" - Kula Shaker (1996 - Rei 2016)

“K” was the first album released by Kula Shaker.   A psychedelic biscuit, made even more so by the mixing of Eastern Indian flavors with hard rock and Brit-Pop sensibilities.  Led by guitarist and vocalist Crispian Mills (son of the original “Parent Trap” girl…Hayley Mills"K" sounds trippy, catchy, fresh, and yet, somehow nostalgic.  Crispian's guitar riffing is strong and entertaining.  And the album borrows wonderfully from the Beatles psych era George Harrison, as well as harder attitudes from that era.  I've spun this neo-psych album plenty since picking it up and there really are no bad tracks.  And it's an album well-worth revisiting with fresh ears.

"K" - Kula Shaker (back)

Favorites include the psych heavy…”Grateful When You’re Dead/Jerry Was There."  The first half has Mills riffing hard in a familiar late 60's style and singing with almost urgency.  The “Jerry Was There” half drifts into a trippy, floaty head-buzz.  Very atmospheric.  Together the songs make a nice team.  “Tattva” and Govinda” are some really catchy electric Eastern Indian music gems that Mills hooks together with some tasty guitar jams and early Brit-Pop goodness.  

My previously owned copy is the 20th anniversary UK pressing with a hype sticker and 12x12" tri-fold insert with pictures and extensive liner notes.  Also, Crispian Mills makes comments about each figure included on the front cover.  Both the cover and vinyl are in excellent condition. 

Hype Sticker

(Record sleeve front & back w/ lyrics)

(Tri-fold insert w/ liner notes)

BMG label

Cat #
BMGCATLPV 89  [scratchout]  A  JONZ  LOUD  24/96  MPO
BMGCATLPV 89  [scratchout]  A  MPO  JONZ  LOUD  24/96

"Grateful When You're Dead / Jerry Was There" - Kula Shaker / "K" (1996)

A1  "Hey Dude" 4:07
A2  "Knight On The Town" 3:25
A3  "Temple Of Everlasting Light" 2:33
A4  "Govinda" 4:31
A5  "Smart Dogs" 3:17
A6  "Magic Theatre" 2:39
A7  "Into The Deep" 3:48
B1  "Sleeping Jiva" 2:03
B2  "Tattva" 3:46
B3  "Grateful When You're Dead / Jerry Was There" 5:42
B4  "303" 3:09
B5  "Start All Over" 2:36
B6  "Hollow Man (Parts 1 & 2)" 6:13

Crispian Mills - vocals, guitars, tamboura.
Alonza Bevan - bass, piano. tabla, b-vocals
Paul Winterhart - drums
Jay Darlington - organ, mellotron, piano.
Wajahat Kahn - sarod (B1)
Himangsu Goswami - tabla A4, B3)
Gouri Choudhury - b-vocals (A4)
The Kick Horns -  - horns (B5)

Good stuff.


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