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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Rutles" - The Rutles (1978)

"The Rutles" - The Rutles (1978)

The more you like The Beatles, the more you are going to appreciate all the clever nuances The Rutles bring to your ears.  Their self-titled album is cool, anyway.  But big Beatle fans are going to recognize many subtle and not-so-subtle pokes each song lovingly takes at the fab four.

"The Rutles" is a nice gatefold album that comes with a 16-page insert filled with dozens of pictures and liner notes.  And the liner notes are not to be skipped.  They make for some excellent, and often, hilarious reading.  There are also two short interviews with Mick Jagger and Paul Simon and both play it straight.  The front cover of the album shows four "non-existent" albums recorded by The Rutles that also keep in parody with The Beatles albums. 

"The Rutles" (back)

Favorites include the wonderful psych-dipped "Let's Be Natural" and "Good Times Roll."  "Cheese And Onions," the sitar-driven "Nevertheless" and "Piggy In The Middle" are all absolute perfecto.  So familiar and yet not quite.  The Rutles cut with an Exacto knife.

My copy is a Goldisc pressing identified with GOL in the runout.  I picked it up for $5 at an A-OK Record Swap once upon a time.  Nearly twenty years later, The Rutles would release their second album..."Archeology" (1996)...shortly after The Beatles released their hyped-up "Anthology" series.  I've yet to find The Rutles "Archeology" album in the wild.

"The Rutles" (inside gatefold w/attached booklet - front)

"The Rutles" (inside gatefold w/attached booklet - back)

"The Rutles" record sleeve (front & back)

Warner Bros. Records

Cat #
HS 3151
HS-1-3151-G1  GOL
HS-2-3151 G1  GOL

"Piggy In The Middle" - The Rutles / "The Rutles" (1978)

A1  "Hold My Hand"  2:31
A2  "Number One"  2:50
A3  "With a Girl Like You"  1:50
A4  "I Must Be in Love"  2:04
A5  "Ouch!"  1:49
A6  "Living In Hope"  2:37
A7  "Love Life"  2:50
A8  "Nevertheless"  1:29
B1  "Good Times Roll"  3:03
B2  "Doubleback Alley"  2:54
B3  "Cheese And Onions"  2:37
B4  "Another Day"  2:09
B5  "Piggy In The Middle"  4:07
B6  "Let's Be Natural"  3:23

Ron Nasty (Neil Innes)  -  guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dirk McQuickly (Eric Idle)  -  bass, vocals
Stig O'Hara (Ricky Fataar)  -  guitar, bass, sitar, tabla, vocals
Barry Wom/Barrington Womble (John Halsey)  -  drums, vocals

Good stuff.

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