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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Frost Music" - The Frost (1969)

"Frost Music" - The Frost (1969)

"Frost Music" was the debut album from another one of those little ol' bands outta Michigan that held stage-footing alongside other band peers like MC5 and The Stooges.  And though The Frost didn't blow up like many of their Motor City mates, the band was still a pretty big deal.  "Frost Music" is a hard rock square filled with a few psychedelic fly-bys and occasional floaty atmospheric stuff that bands like Blue Oyster Cult would later build their subterranean castles around.  A solid debut, for sure. 

Dick Wagner, who would later go on to play with Alice Cooper and Lou Reed, delivers solid rock vocals along with his biting guitar that smoothly and smartly changes attitude and atmosphere with ease.  And when Wagner throws down a solo burn, it's killer stuff.  The songs are a mix of hard melodic jams and softer melodic floaters that carry the album along nicely. 

"Frost Music" (back)

Favorites include the excellent...“Who Are You.”  The haunting...“First Day Of May."  The opening track, "Jennie Lee" kicks things off with a spank.  And the longest track at 8-minutes "Stand In The Shadows” gives room for Wagner and the band to fly.  I grabbed my copy from a dealer on eBay for $12 shipped.  I added another album to cut the shipping cost in half...if you catch my meaning.  The album also included a lyric insert.  This was an album I just couldn't find out in the wild.  

"Frost Music" is frequently recommended in the vinyl community not just for the pleasures that lie within, but also because it's one of a shortlist of really good lesser-known, low-dollar albums that offers plenty of bang for your vinyl buck.  And it's certainly worth tracking down while the album is still flying under the radar.  The black cover makes it a bit harder to find without heavy ring wear but they're out there.   

"Frost Music" (lyric insert front/back)

Vanguard company sleeve

Vanguard label

Cat #
VSD 6520 A (scratch-out) - 1A  XSV  144903  CTH  SS  A5  0  T I 
VSD 6520 B (scratch-out) - 1A  XSV  144904  CTH  SS  C1  0  T 1 

"Who Are You" - The Frost / "Frost Music" (1969)

A1  "Jennie Lee" 3:06
A2  "The Family" 3:00
A3  "A Long Way Down From Mobile" 3:06
A4  "Take My Hand" 4:24
A5  "Mystery Man" 4:23
B1  "Baby Once You Got It" 2:36
B2  "Stand In The Shadows" 7:58
B3  "Little Susie Singer (Music to Chew Gum By)" 2:45
B4  "First Day Of May" 3:27
B5  "Who Are You?" 5:17

Dick Wagner - lead guitar, vocals
Don Hartman - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Gordy Garris - bass, vocals
Bob Rigg - drums, vocals

Good stuff.


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