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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Return To Bliss" - Bliss (1969 - Rei 2007)

"Return To Bliss" - Bliss (1969 - Rei 2007)

This is the sound of early 70s hard rock right at the cusp.  The vocals, at times, remind me of Grand Funk Railroad, but without the heavy crunch.  And a few songs have a rock funkiness that adds some teeth.  Bliss hails from Arizona and were pieces of an earlier band known as…The Sect.  They had a bit of a following out there.  The album “Return To Bliss” is made up of leftover songs from the band's self-titled (and only) album recorded in 1969.  Both records are favorably mentioned in The Acid Archives, and though I didn't quite like it as much as they did, it's still a pretty enjoyable spin.

"Return To Bliss" (back)

"Return to Bliss" is often labeled a psych album, but there's really not much psych to be found here.  Mostly a bluesy-rock experience.  Still, there are many goodies to be found within.  Favorites include the fantastic and slightly dark "Fear Of Fears."  The songs "Music Train” and "City Woman" are much better than their titles might imply.  “Hippies, Cops and a Bunch of Rocks” is something Country Joe would've had fun with.

This is a re-issue from Void Records released in 2007…initially released in 2004.  Some are floating around eBay for pretty cheap and are a steal.  "Return To Bliss" is not an amazing spin or anything like that, but it captures that early 70s rock vibe I like with a few songs to put on repeat.

Void Records

Cat #
108818  VOID 45  A
108819  VOID 45  B

"Fear Of Fears" - Bliss / "Return To Bliss" (1969 - Rei 2007)

A1  "Hotche Blues" 4:18 
A2  "Music Train" 3:22 
A3  "Nothing In My Life" 1:53 
A4  "Fear Of Fears" 4:04 
B1  "Reach Out And Touch You" 5:01 
B2  "City Woman" 3:19 
B3  "Hippies, Cops, And A Bunch Of Rocks" 3:54
B4  "Sandbox Symphony" 2:25

Brad Reed - vocals, guitar
Rusty Martin - bass
Corky Aldred - vocals, drums

Good stuff.


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