TCCDM Dig and Flip: "Stinger" - Robert R. McCammon (1988)

Robert R. McCammon
Paperback, 538 pages    

I wasn't exactly sure what this novel was going to be about.  I avoid reading the front and back blurbs beforehand so as not to give too much away.  Dig the surprise, I guess.  But I had a pretty good inkling this wasn't To Kill A Mockingbird.  Anyway, Stinger is a page-turning, treehouse kind of sci-fi/horror story.  A violent chase between one ET and another ET ends up in a little nowhere town in Texas.  A dying town where the days and nights are filled with a slow sweltering bucket of monotony.  And the town folk know everybody, but mostly just keep to themselves.  That is until an alien standoff hits the fan and the community needs to work out their own differences for the greater good. 

There are multiple plots going on and a variety of town characters to meet and sift thru and this keeps everything on the edgier side.  The violence is bang and McCammon spares no gore in the telling.  The dialogue feels right and the pages turn easy.  Not his best, but still good.  It's fun, entertaining, and even better with a Klondike Bar.    

"Invader" - Judas Priest / "Stained Class" (1978)

Good stuff.


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