TCCDM Pulls One Out..."I'm A Man" - The Spencer Davis Group (1967)

 "I'm A Man" - The Spencer Davis Group (1967)

The Spencer Davis Group was from the groovy town of Birmingham.  Birmingham, England that is.  I've been wanting this album for a long, long time although I've had plenty of opportunities to grab it.  Something else was always pulling at my pocket.  The album "I'm A Man" is a compilation of songs cherrypicked from the band's earlier records that were only released in the UK.

The songs are mostly typical British R&B from the 1965-'66 era and it's good, but nothing really stands out.  Except for the band's monster jam, "I'm A Man."  Written by a teenage Steve Winwood, "I'm A Man" is a perfect representation of a rock jam taking the next step.  Admittedly, I heard Chicago's version first and I loved it from the get-go.  You can hear the joy and respect Chicago had performing that song.  They worked that shit out!  And it's equally as strong as the historic Spencer Davis Group offering, but not better. 

"I'm A Man" - The Spencer Davis Group (back)

Along with the psychy classic "I'm A Man," there are still a few goodies to be found on this spin.  The harmonica-pushed "Dimples" is a smile-maker.  And the instrumental "On The Green Light" is an Austin Powers-approved piece with groovy organ and guitar trading spanks.

Nice copies of this album can almost always be had for under $10 and is a tasty snapshot of the scene.  I found this one a few months ago at a local swap and paid $5 for the square.  It's a nice Monarch pressing with a beautiful cover.  Steve Winwood would leave later this same year to form Traffic.

United Artists label

Cat #
UAS 6589
UAS 6589 A 1B  (MR circle)  △10654
UAS-6589 B-1B  (MR circle)  △10654-X

"I'm A Man" - The Spencer Davis Group / "I'm A Man" (1967)

A1  "I'm A Man" 2:48
A2  "Every Little Bit Hurts" 3:27
A3  "Searchin'" 2:35
A4  "I Can't Stand It" 2:08
A5  "Dimples" 2:18
A6  "Look Away" 2:38
B1  "Georgia On My Mind" 4:40
B2  "My Babe" 2:37
B3  "I Can't Get Enough Of It" 3:37
B4  "On The Green Light" 3:03
B5  "Stevie's Blues" 3:50
B6  "Midnight Train" 2:40

Spencer Davis - guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood - vocals, piano, organ, guitar
Muff Winwood - bass, vocals
Pete York - drums

Good stuff.



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