Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #58

(a short jaunt)

"T.B. Sheets" - Van Morrison / "Blowin' Your Mind" (1967)
"Now listen, Julie baby.
It ain't natural for you to cry in the midnight.
It ain't natural for you to cry when the midnight comes
into the wee small hours...long 'fore the break of dawn."

The repetitive groove about death digging its claws into the door hits pretty deep.  Tuberculosis is the reaper this time.  "I can almost smell your TB sheets on your sick bed."  And Van begging off his apologies is chillingly honest.  And heavy.  Almost accidental trance music.  (And that's Morrison you hear blowing the mean well as the mind.)  The song is raw, real, and rude.  Like Sufjan Stevens doing a bad Don Rickles impression.  "Gotta go, baby gotta go!"  This was Van the Man's debut album. (OWN)

"Take A Friend" - Rush / "Rush" (1974)
"Take yourself a friend.
Keep 'em till the end.
Whether woman or man
it makes you feel so good.
So good."

There is no prog on this Rush track.  Just a straight-in-the-face hard rocker to be had.  And the song sounds more like a Lynyrd Skynryd lost track gem than anything Rush would ever bring to wax again.  Put this song on "Second Helping" and just hand Ronnie Van Zandt the mic.  Sure, the lyrics are kind of cheez.  But it's a cool cheez.  And just the sort of positivity I'm looking for these days.  Geddy Lee's vocals are an acquired taste, but I must say I'm coming around.  Much like Aunt Bee's pickles in Mayberry..."ya learn to love'em!"  This was the Canadian trio's debut album. (NEED)

"Bluebird" - Buffalo Springfield / "Buffalo Springfield Again" (1967)
"Listen to my bluebird laugh
She can't tell you why.
Deep within her heart, you see
she knows only crying.
Just crying."

When the fuzzy guitar makes its pronouncement out of the can just take my money.  A time when Stephen Stills and Neil Young were still playing nice.  Well, it's almost like being on a mystical sugar mountain.  Long may you run, babe.  Buffalo's 2nd album. (OWN)


Good stuff.

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