Friday, January 14, 2022

TCCDM 4 For Friday

 (4 For Friday)

*  Have you watched the Let It Be documentary?  If so, this will be the best 58 seconds of your day.

*  No more worries. Here's how to stop Amazon Alexa from purchasing something by accident.  Now go play Jeopardy in peace.

*  Sometimes you get to see a little crack in the matrix.

*  Always fun.  This time Vinyl Richie shows his Top Ten albums from 1970.  Is there a glaring omission somewhere?  Yes? No?  It's all good.

"Slark" - Stackridge / "Stackridge" (1971)

Good stuff.


whiteray said...

Boy, Vinyl Richie and I would not get along at all.

Casey said...

Ha-ha! (milk coming outta my nose.) Great to hear from ya, again.
You'll have to let me introduce friend to anaother.