Friday, January 7, 2022

TCCDM 4 For Friday

(4 For Friday)

Tossing fried rice has now become an amazing technique of art.  You're gonna wanna see this.

*  Paul McCartney - "The Lyrics" (2021) according to Bloggerhythms.

*  Underage kids surviving on the streets of Seattle. Plus two songs by Tom Waits.  A fascinating and sad documentary, "Streetwise." (1984)  "...these kids were so starving for attention and affection, that by offering both, the filmmakers were able to get whatever they wanted."  ~Roger Ebert. (4 stars)        

*  Winter stream freezes and then completely disappears right before your eyes.  Mother Nature, yo! 

"Long Gone Long" - The Rainmakers / "The Rainmakers" (1986)

Good stuff.

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