Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #48

(a short jaunt)

"Fast Life Rider" - Johnny Winter / "Second Winter" (1969)
"Done bought me a ticket.  The trunk's already gone.
Lord, don't bother, ain't gonna be here long.
Lord, first I'd rather this be the last of you-all...goin' down."

Who doesn't like Johnny Winter?  The last track on the album was mostly an improvised, off-the-cuff blues jam and it sizzles.  Wah-wahs and stinging guitar throughout with his backing band staying right there with him.  I learned later that when wearing headphones, the right and left panning effects of "Fast Life Rider" really messes with the head.  This I have not tried.  Johnny's third album. (WANT)

"Sexy Little Thing" - Chickenfoot / "Chickenfoot"  (2009)
"Well, she got back and up front.
She's everything any country boy need.
Inside is outside.
Now what you see is what she got up her sleeve."

Sammy Hagar will never be accused of being deep.  But his music is always a party.  This ain't rocket science or re-connecting your Nest or anything like that, but Sammy still makes it look easy.  He's a rock-n-roll survivor and you gotta appreciate that.  Anyway, the song is nothing special but it still sounds like it could've been on steady rotation without too much complaint.  The is my first time hearing it, though.  This was supergroup Chickenfoot's debut album. (WANT)

"Songs From The Wood" - Jethro Tull / Songs From The Wood" (1977)
"Let me bring you songs from the wood
to make you feel much better than you could know."

A classic song and album.  One where the vinyl really outshines other mediums.  Starts off chill...and then magical things start happening from every direction.  Everything works.  Like watching "The Princess Bride" in all of five minutes' time.  Jethro Tull's 10th studio album. (OWN)


Good stuff.


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