Monday, September 13, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #46

(a short jaunt)

"Seagull" - Bad Company / "Bad Company" (1974)
"Seagull, you fly across the horizon
into the misty morning sun.
Nobody asks you where you are going,
Nobody knows where you're from."

This is the last song on Bad Company's debut album.  And I just didn't get it.  This wasn't "Rock Steady."  This wasn't "Ready For Love."   And I would eject the CD every time it got to that song.  It was like forever and a day before I ever heard the song again.  Years!  Then one night out of the blue I hear Paul Rodgers's voice from my radio singing the song.  That same song I automatically skipped over without a thought.  But I was wearing a different face then and listening from a different place.  And it was at that moment I knew "Seagull" was the most beautiful farewell song I'd ever heard.  (OWN)

"San Francisco Girls" - Fever Tree / "Fever Tree" (1968)
"Out there it's summertime.
Milk and honey days.
Oh, San Francisco girls with
San Francisco ways."

Ah...the summer days of hippie chicks and hipsters.  I dig all the psychedelic glad rags and handbags and patched jeans and glow-in-the-dark Pepper posters.  The west coast vibe of free adventures.  I'd love to time-machine my way back and "make the scene, man."  But until someone can make that happen, I'll just throw on my own patches and "make the bed, man."  That and spin some records.  Oh yeah, the sustain at the end of this song is killer.  This was Fever Tree's first album. (OWN)

"Love Street" - The Doors / "Waiting For The Sun" (1968)
"She lives on Love Street.
Lingers long on Love Street.
She has a house and garden.
I would like to see what happens."

Never heard "Love Street" in my life, but I love Ray Manzarek and Krieger's jangly and strangely ominous interplay.  Truth is...I've never heard the album.  I have no Doors in my collection.  That's not intentional.  It's just kind of worked out that way.  Anyway, come to find out...there really is a Love I'm giving Jim a pass on the eye-roll song title.  Morrison was in love..."and love's a funny state of mind." (kudos to Steve Forbert.)  This was The Doors' third album. (WANT) 


Good stuff.


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