Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #41

(a short jaunt)

"Back On The Road Again" - REO Speedwagon /  "Nine Lives" (1979)

One of my top five songs.  Bassist Bruce Halls' vocals are what I want in a rock voice.  And guitarist Gary Richrath is having a ball giving Halls' song everything he's got.  Richrath is on fire.  Finally, this is a great driving tune that gets you down the highway.  This was the band's eighth studio album and their last really hard rock album before going a little soft in the spine. (OWN)

"The Trip" - Donovan /  "Sunshine Superman" (1966)

"You know I might-a be there to greet you, child,
When your trippin' ship touches sand.
What goes on? Chick-a-chick.
What goes on? I really wanna know."
This was Donovan's third album.  And a lot of great things are on this record.  Donovan recites in all his folk psych glory the acid drop he had.  But I keep returning to his "What goes on?  Chick a chick.  What goes on?  I really want to know." refrain.  When on this kind of journey, we all become fine-tuned observers.  Donovan's groove is hip enough.  No need to ask.  He knows.  He already knows. (OWN)

"Liberation" - Chicago / "Chicago Transit Authority" (1969)

I don't spin this song often.  It's the last song on their self-titled debut album.  And at 14+ minutes, it's a commitment.  But when enough time has passed, I get the jones to hear Terry Kath and the rest of the boys freak the fawk out again.  And so when I do drop the needle, I'm all in.  No need to tie me kangaroo down, sport.  I'll take all of this they got. (OWN)


Good stuff.


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