Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again) #34

(a short jaunt)

"Lord Of The Thighs" - Aerosmith / "Get Your Wings" (1974)

Not really a deep track as this one is usually one of the two or three songs radio plays from the album.  Still, I seldom hear it anymore.  The silly play on words of the "Lord Of The Flies" book from English class is exactly the kind of twist young boys would make during an afternoon assembly.  I'm not sure which I like best...the snarly vocals of Steven Tyler or the twin guitars with Brad Whitford taking the lead.  This jam was supposedly the last song written for this their second studio album. (OWN)

"Waiter, There's A Yawn In My Ear" -  Manfred Mann's E. B. / "The Roaring Silence" (1976)

Which came first: the song or the album cover?  The song is an excellent trippy-prog instrumental that crushes.  And with some tasty soloing in the middle.  Both synth and guitar.  The song may not have a distinct direction but it's some ear-pleasing headphone shit just the same.  This was the 7th album by Manfred Mann's Earth Band and the album that first contained one Springsteen cover ("Blinded By The Light") and then was quickly re-released with an added Springsteen cover. ("Spirit In The Night")  Both great, but the latter was far more interesting.  As for "Waiter..." well this one is a bit of a forgotten biscuit. (NEED)  

"House In The Country" - Blood, Sweat & Tears / "Child Is Father to the Man" (1968)

Crickets to the left of me.  Strange mumblings and noises to the right.  Here I am stuck in the middle with you!  I never knew BS&T dabbled in the pop psychedelia smoke, but on this, their debut album, they went there a time or two.  And good for them.  I never was much of a fan of BS&T...mostly because I found lead singer David Clayton-Thomas' voice stylings kinda boring.  A single here and a single there, but certainly not for an entire album.  That's just me.  When Al Kooper left, so did I.  Fortunately, David is nowhere to be found on this one. (OWN)


Good stuff.


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