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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Outlaw Blues Band" - The Outlaw Blues Band (1968)

"The Outlaw Blues Band" - The Outlaw Blues Band (1968)

The Outlaw Blues Band's self-titled album is a unique mix of stinging blues guitars and tasty blows of jazz horn and vibraharp in all the right measures.  The blues-rock and jazz blend make for a cool, sometimes downright avant-garde journey.  And for 1968, sounds fresh and a few years ahead of its time.  There's a couple of weaker tracks, but mostly this is a satisfying album on many levels.

The album was a total blind purchase.  I'd never seen the album, but it was from '68 and the cover looked interesting.  Tagged at $14, I may have overpaid, but I wanted to leave the store with something.  Weighing my chances of stumbling on the album again, I pulled the trigger.  I'm really glad I did.  The square sounds better with each spin. 

"The Outlaw Blues Band" (back)

Favorites are the psych-dusted "I've Got To Have Peace On My Mind."  The heady "Death Dog Of Doom" is an 8-minute cacophony of 6/8 sounds and beats with everyone having a shine.  "Tried To Be A Good Boy..." is a really good bluesthing with sax, guitar, and harmo trading conversation.  Out of Los Angeles, The Outlaw Blues Band recorded two albums in the late 60s.  And though not expensive, both have become a bit of a deep-square find.  

"The Outlaw Blues Band" (inside gatefold)

BluesWay label/ABC Records

Cat #
BLS 6021 A  ABC-S- 659-A  LW  
BLS 6021 B  ABC-S- 659-B  LW

"I've Got To To Have Peace On My Mind" - The Outlaw Blues Band / Self-Titled (1968)

A1  "Tobacco Road" 4:36
A2  "Tried to Be A Good Boy (But I'm Worse Than A Nazi)" 6:21
A3  "How Bad Love Can Be" 4:04
A4  "I've Got To To Have Peace On My Mind" 3:24
B1  "Lost in the Blues" 3:04
B2  "Death Dog of Doom" 8:10
B3  "Sweet Sixteen" 4:32
B4  "Two 'Tranes Running" 3:14

Phillip John - vocals, lead guitar
Joe Francis Gonzales - bass, vocals
Leon Rubenhold - harmonica, vocals
Joel Whiteman - saxophone, flute, vibraharp, prolonged inhalation
Victor Aleman - drums, percussion

Good stuff.


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