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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Forever Changes" - Love (1967)

"Forever Changes" - Love (1967)

"...the streets are paved with gold and if someone asks you, you can call my name."  "Forever Changes" was Love's 3rd studio album and is considered a masterpiece of psych folk-rock perfection.  There is a gaggle of accolades to be found on google, so I won't rehash too much.  But for any new spinners, "Forever Changes" is a rather unusual album of acoustic psych-rock sprinkled with stinging bites of electric guitar and tasteful touches of horn that occasionally drop in.  Both melodies and lyrics are heady and mind-pleasing.  Suffice to say, the album is an essential square to own and spin.

"Forever Changes" (back)

"Forever Changes" has been reissued several times, but nice early pressings can still be found.  So you definitely have choices.  My copy is not OG, but lingers very close to the house.  And it bangs nicely.  Favorites are "A House Is Not A Motel."  The psych-haunted "The Red Telephone."  "Live And Let Live" has cool and strange lyrics and biting guitar.  And of course, the opening track "Alone Again Or" is perfection.  Love recorded seven albums total, but "Forever Changes" was the last recorded with all original members. 

Elektra Records

Elektra sleeve

Cat #
EKS 74013 A (MON-1)  (MR in a circle)  △11348  Rd (scribbled) 
EKS 74013 B (MON)  (MR in a circle)  △11250-X  Dm (scribbled) 

"A House Is Not A Motel" - Love / "Forever Changes" (1967)

A1  "Alone Again Or" 3:15
A2  "A House Is Not A Motel" 3:25
A3  "Andmoreagain" 3:15
A4  "The Daily Planet" 3:25
A5  "Old Man" 2:57
A6  "The Red Telephone" 4:45
B1  "Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale" 3:30
B2  "Live and Let Live" 5:24
B3  "The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This" 3:00
B4  "Bummer in the Summer" 2:20
B5  "You Set the Scene" 6:49

Arthur Lee - guitar, vocal
Bryan MacLean - guitar, vocal
Johnny Echols - guitar
Ken Forssi - bass
Michael Stuart-Ware - drums, percussion
The Wrecking Crew

Good stuff.

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