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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Early Morning Blues And Greens" - Diane Hildebrand (1968)

 "Early Morning Blues and Greens" - Diane Hildebrand (1968)

Diane Hildebrand had been writing songs for TV shows and musical acts like The Monkees and folk-psych band The Lewis & Clarke Expedition when she recorded her only album for Elektra Records.  "Early Morning Blues and Greens" is a very cool singer-songwriter album with a dark, sometimes melancholic, air about it.  The album is not without a little bit of psych flavor floating around, as well.  And the unfamiliar vocals of Hildebrand are pretty nice to hear.

"Early Morning Blues and Greens" - Diane Hildebrand (back)

The album is on the highly-regarded Elektra Records 4000 series and can usually be had for under $10...if you can find a copy in the wild.  Side One is the stronger, but the drop-off is hardly noticeable.  Favorites are "Jan’s Blues."  "From Rea Who Died Last Summer."  "The Reincarnation Of Emmalina Stearns."  And "You Wonder Why You're Lonely."  Sorry, it was hard for me to choose.  I found my used copy in the New-Arrival bin at Spektrum Records.

Elektra Records sleeve

Elektra Records label

Cat #
EKS 74021A-MON  (MR in a circle) △12501
EKS 74021B-MON  (MR in a circle) △12501-B

"Jan's Blues" - Diane Hildebrand / "Early Morning Blues and Greens" (1968)

A1  "Jan's Blues" 2:53
A2  "Thumbin'" 2:43
A3  "From Rea Who Died Last Summer" 2:12
A4  "There's a Coming Together" 2:41
A5  "And It Was Good" 2:58
A6  "Gideon" 2:00
B1  "Early Morning Blues and Greens" 3:10
B2  "The Reincarnation of Emmalina Stearns" 3:20
B3  "You Wonder Why You're Lonely" 3:50
B4  "Come Looking for Me" 2:07
B5  "Given Time" 3:15

Diane Hildebrand - vocals, guitar
Colin Cameron - guitar, bass
Tony McCashen - guitar, banjo, bass, harmonica
Russell White - piano, harpsichord
Malcolm Elsensohn - drums, bongos, percussion
David Dawson - autoharp
Fred Myrow - organ
James Decker, Sheridon Stokes - horn section

Good stuff.


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